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When Life Is Programmed Beforehand

Posted: October 9, 2020

As women, are decisions are rarely our own? Why does society dictate all things big and small about us? 

“Suggestions” from society

“Here, is what you will be wearing for Niharika’s wedding”

“Here is your application for Stella Maris College, it’s a women’s only college!”

“This is the best job for a woman, it will do you and your family life a world of good”

“Here is what you will have for dinner, minimum calories, or else it’s going to be hard for us to find you a groom”

And if you are “too thin”, you have aunties and grannies criticizing the way you look either behind your back or slap it straight at your face.

“Here is the guy we have found, his monthly earnings are lakhs and lakhs, this is who you will be spending the rest of your life with, taking care of him and his family and doing a lot of adjusting like all brides do”

When will women rein over their own lives?

This is how most girls live their life, they  have the entire life chalked out for them , parents and family and even society  (indirectly) do the choosing. Only few, take the audacious step of choosing for themselves and yet for their action they are destined to face a lot of  criticism.

I appreciate their effort and boldness to rise up from the ashes of parents’ pressurizing and society’s expectations, I hope that one day all of this will be normalized. And a woman working hard for her career to take off would be considered as normal as a man working hard for his career to take off.

Picture credit- Jillwellington

An 18-year old girl

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