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Unsafe Women

A woman pens down her feelings on the plight of women in our country and questions if she can ever feel safe here?

A woman pens down her feelings on the plight of women in our country and questions if she can ever feel safe here?

I don’t feel safe in my country

Where women are treated as an object

We are given the opportunity to get educated

But men are not getting the right message

We are given a chance to earn

But men think we are earning for them

We thought we could roam around

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Without the fear of molestation and rape

But its not working at all

I feel scared to step out of the house alone

What are we supposed to do with these dirty men?

Who think our body is their toy to play around?

Who has given them right to do that?

Since it’s the age of social media

They are taking that as an opportunity too

Are we even allowed to breathe safely?

They are not leaving anybody

None of us, irrespective of our age

Is it really a curse to be a woman in this country?

Dear men, it’s not just about you all the time

It’s about us, we don’t feel safe with you around

The way you have murdered us emotionally, mentally, physically till now

Start counting, you will definitely burn alive

Nobody will rescue you …..not even your own

Dear Government, give us the license to shoot those who mistreat us ot the spot, if you can’t do it for us…

People are not considering sick as well

Why don’t you keep dummies at home if you are that desperate?

Why self-control is taught only to women in this country?

Women should speak softly. Women should not walk like that, women should cook and look after the family

Stop focusing on women cause they are doing everything better than men

Start focusing on these scoundrel, desperate men and eradicate this problem for us

We don’t want to be called Goddess Laxmi or anything of that sort

Just do the right thing

Treat us the way we treat you. Treat us normal

Let us roam freely without the fear of being a woman

Picture Credits: Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

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