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To My Unborn…Saasha

This letter written by a mother to her unborn baby, whom she lost recently, is sure to bring tears to your eyes

This letter written by a mother to her unborn baby, whom she lost recently, is sure to bring tears to your eyes

A few days back I met a lady who lost the love of her life and her unborn child on the same day. She looked devastated, her whole life shattered in front of her, and for the first time I did not know what to say to console her.

This letter is something I felt she would want to tell her unborn.

Dear Saasha,

Yes, that would have been your name darling. I hope you liked your name. You were with me for 6 months and they were the best. I ate what you wanted to eat and felt you talking to me by your kicks and movements. You liked music, I would put the headphones on my stomach so you could hear it and be calm.

Whenever we watched a horror movie and got scared, we would cuddle up next to your father and he would put his hand on my stomach trying to calm you. You loved pasta, especially the white sauce, I know because I craved it every second day. You loved cakes and ice-creams, burgers, tacos and KFC. You hated it if I ate french fries or healthy food, if I ate methi or palak, I would puke immediately…that’s how I know you didn’t like it.

Just as these 6 months were the best for me…I hope it was the same for you. I know you loved your father more than me, or else you would’ve stayed. I still remember how I broke the news to him about you coming into our lives, he was so elated and excited. He was sure you are a girl and he was right! That’s how I know he loved you more than I could ever.

He named you Saasha on day one and would call you his little angel, he would tell me how he would ensure you are the strongest and most independent girl… were his treasure.

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I’m upset with you for one thing, why did you leave me so soon? You and  your father did not think about me even once before leaving me. My life revolved around the two of you. What do I do now? Whom do I call mine? I’m lost Saasha, I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better mom, if I was…you would still be here. All my dreams of being with you….gone! Saasha, you are my strong girl, do take care of your father, I want you both to spend as much time as possible together, because when I come….I want you to myself, I will hug you, kiss you and never let you go.

I’m sorry sweetheart for not being able to show you the world, the beautiful fountains and parks but most of all…I’m sorry for not being able to take you in my arms and cuddle you. You will always be special for me, to tell you the truth, I secretly wished you grew up and became just like your father…a confident and happy person. I love you both and I hope I can be your mother again.

Love you forever,

Your almost mom,


Picture Credits: Photo by Rafael Henrique from Pexels


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