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The Voice Unheard

Posted: October 6, 2020

A piece of poetry, capturing in essence, the world that a modern woman lives in- unsafe, uncertain, ignorant. 

A wail pierced the silent corridors of the hospital,

I thought a baby was born.

Next morning, a news came,

A baby died because her tiny organ was torn.

He made her sit in his lap,

And everyone thought she would be doing just fine,

A protector turned berserk, 

And she was raped at nine.

She was all smiles when she saw her man,

Her love, a soulmate.

Things went wild when she saw him bring,

His 4 friends on their first date.

Marriage is a sacred bond

It’s us, and not you and me.

But where was the us, where was the we,

When he forced himself on me.

She had a son of thirty,

Another of forty two.

But something about these school-going kids

Told her she was not safe with these two.

Down the mountains, and down the trenches,

There is a Hell for all of us.

If you do not speak ,and keep your silence,

This world will always remain unjust.

Image credit- Sasint

Rishika is an undergraduate student of English literature and Psychology at the University of Allahabad.

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