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The Cold Fire, The Raging Sun

What happens when a girl's cold fire, buried deep inside, rises? Have you ever seen such a woman?

What happens when a girl’s cold fire, buried deep inside, rises? Have you ever seen such a woman?

Have you seen the girl?

Rising from the ashes,

Wrapped with an unbound grace,

Where the dark meets the darkness.

Have you seen a girl like her?

Searching for the rain,

A seeker of hope,

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A wandering miracle.

With no home for love,

She is rising, alone.

Have you ever seen the girl?

Oh dear, I am not talking about the fire.

I am not talking about fairy tales.

I am talking about a woman,

Made of fire and flames.

I have seen her.

Dancing with the rhythm of,


Shedding the skin of lies and hatred,

Of beauty and innocence,

She embraced the magic of the wilderness.

Flying with wings of desire,

Made of blazing flames and fire.

I have seen her.

Once upon a time,

The beauty was her treasure.

But now, I have realized that,

Sometimes, beauty can be fierce.

The raging sun can burn the beauty,

She was bearing inside the delicate heart.

I have seen the cold fire.

And I have read the story,

That was hiding beneath an undying ember.


About the Author

Swarnali Nath

Swarnali is an engineer, writer, singer. She blogs at 'The Saffron Storyteller'. She is the host of the podcast 'Pause Breathe Reflect'. She has authored a motivational ebook titled 'You are Blooming'. She is the read more...

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