Dear Son, The World Is Dark And Bleak, But You Can Be A Kind, Loving Person

You can be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a writer. Whoever you want to be, but be a human first, be kind and compassionate.

You can be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a writer. Whoever you want to be, but be a human first, be kind and compassionate.

My Dear boy,

As I look at you, fluttering around like a colourful butterfly – young and free, I fear the day you have to leave the cocoon of my home. Soon, very soon, you will fly away from me, ready to enjoy the colours the world has to offer you.

While it is a necessity, it also makes my stomach twist and turn. It makes me want to keep you safe, forever and always. Because this world, this world is not a very nice place to be. It doesn’t just have vibrant colours, it has disgusting darkness, as well.

Beware of the darkness of the world

As you fly away, many a claws will await you to tear your innocence, to crush your childishness. Fingers will try to grasp you and squeeze you out of kindness. Hands will try to lead you astray. Legs will try to pull you into filth. Oh, how I fear them!

Beware, my boy. Darkness might sometimes feel like a path of sunshine and wickedness might come to you disguised as goodness. A wrong path might open up, tempting you with its illusion of glitter. I know, it is easy to get sucked inside the bad.

It is goodness that is hard to find. But find it, darling, even if you have to try very, very hard.

Step away, from bad and vile turns, and look closer. Always look closer and harder and choose… choose only the right thing, the right path. Be wise. And be sensible.

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The world doesn’t need another fool who can not save at least an inch of it. It needs someone smart and wise, someone who can change an iota in it. Be that small change whenever and wherever you can be. Begin the change from you.

Be kind and generous to everyone

Darling boy,

This is the world where cruelty is crowded everywhere and where darkness is prominent. The world is not a beautiful place for a beautiful butterfly. Only poisonous snakes and wolves can survive this world.

But I do hope that you still learn to be beautiful in heart amid all the cruelty and ugliness. And that you will find the audacity to be generous and kind and honourable.

This world, dear boy, it needs kindness, more and more of kindness. Be someone who can offer a dollop of generosity, empathy and understanding to whoever deserves it, wants it.

I hope you grow up to be decent human being

Dear boy,

This is a world where wolves are disguised as men and hunt the weakest without a warning. It is a world where eyes are full of vulgar intentions and hearts are filled with obscene feelings.

Soon, you will be a man and they will bring women in front of you, as playthings, as tools and toys. This is a society where women are showcased for amusement, their individuality and womanhood is questioned by immoral, sexist people.

Movies will teach you that it is okay to harass, tease, stalk and taunt a woman. Newspapers will show you articles about a victim trying to fight her offender and eventually the offender winning. Yes, this is a world where women are not even safe in their own houses. Such is the miserable truth of this world.

But boy, I pray that you will overcome your surroundings and grow to be an honest and decent human being with great morales.

Respect women and make them feel safe

I hope that you will learn to respect women in all walks of your life. Never ever discriminate, deride and bully the ones that are weaker than you. Simply because there is no man as despicable as the one who shows his strength against the frail and feeble.

Know, always, that a woman is someone precious, and no matter who she is to you, no matter who she is not to you. She is someone to be cherished, esteemed, respected, treated fairly and justly and decently. Know that. Memorise that until you feel it in all of your bones.

When they tell you to look at her with vulgarity, choose to close your eyes. Or when those around ask you to be like them, to be a cowardly bully, choose to walk away.

Always remember a woman should never be humiliated, debased, not even by your looks. Watch your looks, watch your eyes. Make her feel safe and secure in your company, make sure she never feels afraid to be alone with you. Be a safe place for women around you.

The world doesn’t need another coward!

My sweet boy,

This world is full of people who stand by and watches injustice happening. Yes, this world is full of cowards hiding behind the crowd and be a spectator. Only a spectator, always a spectator.

What this world needs is not another coward, but a hero. It desperately needs someone who can do, not just watch. Be a hero, my boy. You can be, if you truly want to be.

I hope you will grow up to be strong and brave to stand up for yourself and those who can not stand up for themselves. And I hope your heart will be filled with courage to speak your truth and to fight the bullies of mankind. I hope you will find your voice to shout against injustice and fight for justice. Find your inner strength and be a man, darling… be a human.

Be there for the women in your life, in whatever capacity they need

Dearest boy,

This is a world where a victim is blamed for being victimised, where a woman is pointed and poked at and harassed for someone raping her. One where she is forced to stand in the eyes of justice with shame and humiliation as she tries to fight against the brutality done to her. Yes, this world is full of men trying to suppress, silence and exploit women.

This is the world that gives excuses for rapists with a woman’s short dress, and her short skirt. Never ever fall prey to such shallow, stupid thoughts.

Be someone who can stand as her guard, no matter who she is or what she wears. And be someone who guards every woman’s body, dignity and her rights with your eyes, words and actions. Be her brother, her friend, her confidante.

Fight with her, when she wants you to. Or fight for her, if she asks you to.

Figure out who your true friends are and stick by them

My dear boy,

As you will come to know, friendship will be an important part in life as you grow up and yes, you will need a friend. A friend, who can teach you good from the wrong, who can guide you in an upright way. Be wise and smart in choosing a good friend.

A bad friend is like the bottom of a garbage can and they will leave traces of their ugliness and their pungent smell in you. Beware of them.

As you step outside from the safety, there might be people who will be bad, bad examples, people who will try to befriend you. But I pray that you break their chains and find your own way. In the path of goodness.

Stay away from those who can influence you in a bad way, those who can destroy your moral compass and lead you to untoward places. Don’t fall into bad company, escape their clutches and stay a safe distance away. Be extra careful in choosing a good, moral and loyal friend.

Be who you want to be but be a good human first

Dear boy,

You can be an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a writer… whoever you want to be, but be a human first, with humanity spilling around you, kindness radiating off of you.

Yes. I hope, I pray, I wish that I can give you every ounce of good teachings I can give you and make you, mould you in to a spectacular human being.

Love always,


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