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How Marriage Is Threatening Me!

Posted: October 20, 2020

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Society often labels marriage as a part of a ‘complete life’- for both men and women. However, are women made to give into this pressure at the cost of their own dreams and desires?

Is there anything that threatens you on daily basis? Yes, for me its Marriage.
I have always felt that I am not as privileged as my brother. When I was 21 itself my dad asked me about marriage-which from then had been threatening me in someway or the other.

Why the word ‘marriage’ threatens me

Everyone is different and channelise their problems differently. In my case, the word ‘marriage’ has become something that I’m the most afraid of. It hits me at a different level. I was so afraid that for few months I was conquered with thoughts regarding marriage and its consequences and how I would be devastated. There were nights of anxiety attacks, no proper sleep.

Whenever I would think of after life of marriage L get emotional and  cry. Mentally, it has taken a toll on me. The subject has not left me even now albeit the intensity has reduced.

The lingering fear of being pushed into marriage

There’s always the stress to study and settle otherwise they would get me married. Stress on a daily basis may not show immediate effects on health but in long term it shows irreversible effects.

Why am I not as privileged as Men!? Despite all of this, I’m supposed to show up everyday and fight these unfair prejudices and settle. How much have I been pushed down in the race when compared to men if we were supposed to start at same point? There’s no free mind and heart to do whatever I want and can think.

Why does career take a backseat?

Despite all of this chaos, I’m supposed to study and settle and if I won’t in any case the society(parents included)is failing its daughters. We are under constant pressure in many aspects and are supposed to live with it. Where is my freedom of thought and space?

Getting me married to a person I don’t like or at a time when I don’t want to is putting me under stress when I’m trying to shape my career. Anyway, girls have no career once they get married unless the bridegroom’s family is progressive and also allows her to work.

Evidently seen inequality in a family where dad is a group 1 officer.
Maybe I should feel happy that I’m at least allowed to study for some point of time regardless of my success in career.

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