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And The Brave Pigeon Finally Took Flight, Leaving All Else Behind…

Posted: October 1, 2020

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She was excited and happy when she flew for the first time. And kept flying from one building to another the entire day. 

Krisha always looked at a pigeon and felt jealous of its ability to fly. One day, she woke up and found herself in the body of a pigeon. She was terrified and scared of that situation.

Her boyfriend, Rishi entered their bedroom looking for her after a tiring night shift job. She was there wandering here and there. He couldn’t recognise her. And kept on calling her name. She kept flapping her wings to get his attention.

He checked everywhere but couldn’t find her. Rishi even called her best friend to check if she is with her. The girl felt pity for herself and her boyfriend. Hoping her to return after a while he thought of taking rest.

She finally flew for the first time

When her boy went to sleep, she flew to the kitchen, spilt grains all over the kitchen in the process of having breakfast. He was deep asleep. She came into the room and sat near her boyfriend without disturbing him. He was sleep talking and changed his side, she was hiding below his bed.

She went out and saw other pigeons flying and making a nest. She realised that she always wanted to be one of them. And wanted to try flying. At first, she didn’t know how to fly. She saw a few pigeons teaching a squab to fly.

So she followed the baby pigeon and learned to fly. She was excited and happy when she flew for the first time. And kept flying from one building to another the entire day. She forgot that she has a boyfriend waiting for her in the house.

He still couldn’t find her but the pigeon was still there

It was two in the afternoon and now her boy had to wake up and prepare brunch for himself. He opened his eyes and called his girlfriend. She flew to his room but he chased her away. He went into the kitchen and saw the food spilt all over. This made him curse the pigeon who made the mess.

He cleaned and cleared all the mess. She was continuously flapping her wings to get his attention. By now he got angry while also being tensed about his girlfriend. The flapping of the wings irritated him and he took a chef’s knife to kill her. She kept flying around trying to escape while he tried to trap the pigeon.

At some point, she got hurt and this infuriated her. She flew to the next building and found a nest. Another pigeon came with the same fear and sat next to her. They seemed to understand each other’s grief.

She decided to finally leave him and was happy now

She went out to check if her boyfriend was gone but he was still there, waiting for her, with a knife and tools to trap her. So she went with her new friend and other people joined her too. He recognised her thanks to the cut feather and wounds. And he almost attacked her but her friend from the nest died instead of her. She flew and went back to the nest.

Soon, she got a lot of attention from the family of pigeons and felt at home with them. The family that provided the nest was kind and always gave her food and water. She would go near them and when they noticed she was hurt, they took good care of her.

Meanwhile, her boy was too desperate and frustrated at the situation because he’d lost her due to his bad temperament. She decided to leave him for his inhumane treatment of her. And now she had no regrets living with pigeons forever and making her family with other pigeons.

Picture credits: Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

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