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A Young Mom’s Boons

Posted: October 2, 2020

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“Apparently  I am the combination of a cook, teacher, buddy, sweeper, coach, counselor and a driver for my kids. And believe me, I love my job or rather passion.”

I Am a mother of two but a child at heart. I am 31 years old and I have been blessed with two beautiful children. Apparently  I am the combination of a cook, teacher, buddy, sweeper, coach, counselor and a driver for my kids. And believe me, I love my job or rather passion.

Growing with them

My life revolves around a 11 year old handsome boy  and a super naughty 7 year old daughter.  I eat, laugh and play with my kids. I feel that I am lucky to be a young mom, it gives me a rare advantage as I think like them, many times act like them too. I am aware of their little joys, important secrets and not to be said aloud fears. As they grow from an infant to a toddler and now to a child. I have almost grown with them, my new persona as a mother has emerged as tentatively as their first steps.

A mix of joys and perils

Motherhood as they say is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. But it does come with a lot of stress, young mothers are lucky to have more energy to deal with all the changes around.

Believe it or not I am my son’s best friend, and I don’t think it’s just because I take care of his needs or I try and be there for him always, I guess it’s because he knows his mother can be as adventurous and mischievous as him. The crazy rides of water park, the horse-riding session or playing with his football, ahh I have done it all. Little joys of life like when we share chocolates or crazily jumping on the bed are absolutely priceless.

I haven’t had many sleepovers with my friends but I do wait for the yearly breaks in school so that my kids can stay up till midnight. It doesn’t bother me to spoil their routine, it’s actually loads of fun to do so. We watch television, play video games and munch over junk food.

Thoughts on being a young mother

Now when I see my friends with infant babies in their arms and here I stand with my son almost reaching my nose, I wonder-did I miss anything in life, I guess I didn’t because I have gained a lot in these years. Job, career , money can be made even now. I am glad I have spent the more energetic period of my life with my favourite people for life. They give me courage, support, love and the ability to conquer the world.

I am thankful to God for the most beautiful creations of God “My Children”.

Image credit: Dozemode on Pixabay

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