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The Unmarried

Posted: September 30, 2020

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It is common among young people to be asked about when they will get married. Why does the society assume its right to question people about decisions that are entirely personal? Which voice should you choose to listen to? Read further for more insight. 

How difficult it is to stay unmarried, while the world is waiting for your marriage? How do unmarried men and women who are of marriageable age respond to the question of marriage?

This is a matter of high concern in our country. I am talking about those who are still waiting for their right match and not pressurized by external influence.

The individual is more important

They are the bravest individuals who don’t need anyone to make them happy. They are independent souls with great self-respect for their individuality. They have a strong personality and nobody has the right to force them for marriage.

Why marriage should be a well-deliberated decision

The thought of marriage needs to be reconsidered repeatedly and if still you feel that you want to get married and you have found the right match, if you feel extremely comfortable at the thought of marriage, then you should get married.

It’s your life and your decision. Everybody will celebrate your marriage function but nobody will be there if and when something goes wrong. Hence, until and unless you feel ease, at the thought of marriage, don’t get married.

Your happiness is priority

It’s not about perfect age and time. Rather, it’s about your happiness. If the thought disturbs you or makes you unhappy don’t. It’s okay to not get married if you don’t feel it’s right. You have one life. Don’t waste it with the wrong person. You deserve all the tickles in your tummy and warmth of a beautiful life with the right person. Don’t wait, don’t struggle, just relax and enjoy your life, whatever is destined to be yours will definitely be yours.

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