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Parents: Our Only God

Posted: September 25, 2020

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We have read many a times, that your parents are the only real god you should believe in and worship, but how many of us actually follow it.

“Nobody can ever understand the connection between kids and parents”. Well, we have all heard of it. But it was today that I realised it, when a small piece of paper with just an address written on it by my dad arrived at my doorstep.

We all are running behind, and worshipping someone whom we have never felt, have never seen, who never nurtured us, who never burned themselves to feed us, who never taught us, who never played with us or showed us any path.

Well a lot many would argue how they really believed in it and something did happen. But I consider those coincidences. Well I am not an atheist. I am the same wonder of that almighty like everyone around. But what I do believe in are my parents. Who, when I was struggling, always stood by me, physically and mentally and gave me the strength to make me what I am now. Well I believe myself to be strong, fierce, bold, passionate and full of compassion. And all the credit does go to my parents.

This morning there was no reason to write, no words being formulated. Until this packet arrived from my parents. It was just that one look of the address written by my dad which lead these tears rolling down my eyes and there was nothing that could be done to control it.

I was suddenly missing my dads handwriting. Initially, I thought since this whole pandemic is going on and I haven’t been able to meet them, it would have been just a momentary feeling. So I dug into the stuff, had a video call with them. But to my surprise none of that could heal the gush of emotions that rolled down.

Well if you were wondering what happened to the address? Did I just throw it away with the box? Well I cut out the address from it in such a way that it didn’t affect any of the portions written by dad.

And all of this leads to just one thing and only one thing. Your parents are the only God you love, you miss, you can’t survive without, you live for living up to their expectations, you become something in life to show the struggle they have gone through, you become so compassionate about that you want to take care of them similarly how they did for you. “Your parents define you and your love within.”

Picture Credits: Pexels

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