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My Peace,My Agenda – Five Ways To Achieve It

While change is constant throughout life, some tips  to transform  life towards "mental peace."


While change is constant throughout life, some tips  to transform  life towards “mental peace.”

There is definitely a beauty in the middle age which I, am experiencing and at times I feel that life has become so sorted and I question myself:

  • What stopped me that time to think and analyze the way I am thinking right now?
  • Why was that so difficult to understand at that moment when it seems so sorted out at this moment?
  • Why couldn’t I keep my reactions in control that moment when it’s so easy to be in control now?
  • Why couldn’t I understand their position at that point of time when it’s so natural to understand and empathize with them now?
  • Why things which I am sure are correct now didn’t sound me right at that moment?

And so on. These questions never end and I feel perplexed at times that how with each passing year of your life, your experiences and your choices shape you up and then sometimes you regret the personality you had in past and start loving what you have been now shaped into. You feel that each day you are falling in love with yourself and feeling elated for what kind of person you are turning into. I think that’s the beauty of the middle age.

Aspiring “mental peace”

With each day passing in my life, I am getting more clarity of what is it that I am looking for in my life. I may not be clear about the purpose of my life and I am still in search of that but yes one thing which is “that one thing” I am sure I want to have is my “mental peace.”

There have been number of times that people have misunderstood what mental peace is all about. Mental peace is not just a word but it’s a state of being. It is not about keeping quite, closing your eyes, closing your ears, escaping from conflicts and so on. It is an altogether a different state of being which can be achieved even by speaking out for what is right even when you find yourself alone in the crowd, It can be about going an extra mile to help someone even when not asked for and even the one you helped is nobody for you.

The process of transformation

I call mental peace as a slow process of transformation. If you want to achieve it, believe me, it’s not going to be a one day process but it’s a long process where you have to keep reminding yourself of what you actually want from the situation. It’s a practice and needs regular reiterations to remind your own mind. Especially in today’s world, the time is such that if you have decided that your peace is your priority, there would be times when a situation, a conflict, a difference of opinion will keep challenging your efforts invariably but one has to be strong enough to continue working on building that state of being consistent.

Through this article, I would not be talking about big actions but very small things which obstructs from reaching towards our agenda of life. The day-to-day scenarios are the most common reasons which kills that agenda and you go back to start working on it from the scratch.

I am putting five simple ways to keep your agenda for mental peace that would work on day to day scenarios.

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Once we have decided that we want to achieve a peaceful mind, filtering will immensely help us. Now what does this mean? It so happens that our conversation lead to so many arguments and difference of opinions on daily basis. We talk to our families, to our colleagues, to our friends and so on. What we take away after those hot conversations are the bitterness we have experienced.

A productive mind who allows working on filtering will allow you to sieve out little productive things out of that whole conversation. It may be just a different perspective to look at things, or may be a new idea or a possible workaround or just a reason to talk again and strengthen the relationship in a positive way. So train your mind to filter the negatives and absorb all possible positives to nurture your mental peace.

Mental distancing

Another important action to be taken is to be aware and to be careful to keep yourself away from people who have this unfortunate habit of backbiting, nitpicking or sulking. I am sure by the time you have reached at a level where you become aware of what your mind and soul likes; you will also understand what are the types of people you have to maintain a distance with.

It may be difficult to be physically away from some people but mental distancing can be easier. Like we have switches to put off and on the light, mental distancing is also a way to switching off your mind when you are in the vicinity of such negative people to keep your mental peace intact. Mind it. This doesn’t allow you to have an improper conduct with such people while mental distancing. Distancing and right conduct should go hand in hand that needs a regular practice.

Reduce persuasion

There are number of such situation where you have a very genuine and a valid point to make to your family, friends or any loved ones. But the problem arises when they are simply not ready to buy your point. It would be wrong to say that you should leave the conversation immediately because it’s the question of your loved ones. We tend to keep pursuing the loved one and keep convincing them to the point we have made. It so happens at times that it continues for days and days but your point is not able to make any impact.

That persuasion for convincing someone is a biggest factor for spoiling our mental peace. This is where we have to take a stand that after your best of efforts, if one is adamant of not agreeing to what your point is, better leave that persuasion. Everyone has their own journey and it’s not always possible that one learns from others mistakes or on others advises. After you have made enough attempts, take a deep breath, think that he/ or she is having his/her own journey to make and relax…. Better convince yourself to arrive at a position where you might as well learn from their journey which may break your own confined thought processes. Give them a chance and safe guard your own mental peace.

More important to learn is that just in case the person you have been advising faces a failure, never mock over their failures. Accept the fact that he/ she has come out of their experience which might have been a best teacher to them for their learning.


After practicing the above three things, another thing which can help your mental peace is meditating. And first step of meditating is keeping you away from speaking unnecessarily. Meditation specially through some spiritual guru, help you to focus on your own well being so to add a cherry on the cake, try meditating for some time and try focus on whatever goodness is around you , within you.


Most important factor which keeps your mental peace is your own karma. The reality is, that you may be extraordinarily rich and famous, but if your conscious inside is aware that the karma you have done today or in past has somewhere inflicted pain to somebody, your mental peace will go for a toss.

At the same time, you may be an average earner, having an average living style, still you will have a peaceful sleep at night if you are aware and confident that even if you couldn’t help somebody today or in past but you did no harm to anyone, your conscious is clear and you are ready to face the world the next day with a pride and satisfaction of being a good soul. Karma is something which is recorded inside you. You may insulate that with your smile, with your richness or anything, your soul know what you are up to and the best punishment you get is a disturbed mental peace and sleepless nights.

Start practicing these five points today if you wish to have a beautiful life ahead of your middle age. Nothing can stop you from growing old physically but these five points may help you grow better mentally so have a better life and a peaceful mind ahead.

Believe me. peace is the ultimate treasure you can gather to have a happy and healthy life.

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