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I Have Realised That My Marriage Is Over… But I Want A Few Answers First

My marriage is over, yet - why don't we women know how to walk away with our dignity intact? Why do we bother about the 'stigma'?

My marriage is over, yet – why don’t we women know how to walk away with our dignity intact? Why do we bother about the ‘stigma’?

I got married exactly two years ago, and now I know that this marriage of 2 years is in shambles… My marriage has ended, not legally yet. But emotionally, physically… YES.

Being an independent woman, earning well, and raised by middle class parents – it teaches you a lot. Especially how to be competent for yourself. Yet what I guess it doesn’t teach you is how to stand against this society, and break the bonds to walk away from a toxic marriage.

What marriage?

I have a eight month old baby girl. I know I can take care of her very well myself, but sometimes I wonder… if the child needs her father, then am I doing right with the child? And I also think – what about my life, and what kind of life will I give her when there are so many fights, arguments, and so much hatred between her parents?

I am not in love with my husband anymore. I have been taken granted enough, insulted, got hit, abused, and even got a earful from my dear in laws; yet this marriage is going on.

I want to ask this

I want to find the wise person who invented this social institution of marriage and ask them some hard questions. Are you listening? I want answers.

When do you think a marriage should end?

How do you decide to stand for yourself when you know that it may be the right thing to do?

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Why don’t we know how to walk away with our dignity intact?

Why do we keep thinking of the social stigma attached to walking away even if the marriage is abusive?

Have women really became independent?

Is this the 21st century of equality of rights and opportunities? If it is, then why are people like me still unhappy and forced to follow something that they really don’t want?

Answers, please!

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