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My name is Er. Ranjeeta priyadarshini, petitioner of #WomenLeadPolicestation

My name is Er. Ranjeeta priyadarshini, petitioner of #WomenLeadPolicestation

Link of my petition is

I started this campaign in 2019.

Motive of this campaign is:

  1. One woman (transwoman) should lead a police station.
  2. In every police station there must be 50% police women or transwomen.

Odisha has 49.46,% female population, but still women are not safe or secured. Day by day we see crime against women and children rising. Be at casual teasing or serious crimes like rape and molestation.

To top it all, we are seeing that these crimes are not just done by men in general but our protectors too have taken the role of violaters. In one of the sources it was said that crimes against women in Odisha was at second position as per NCRB report.

All this in a city which is also said to be one of the planned city and a city that has transwomen in political parties and also gender budgeting in its financial plan.

The way I see it there needs to be structural changes and hence I urge for 50% women in police as lead so that abuse by protectors goes down and gender sensitivity for women rises. This will also encourage women to file complaint and trust the system more.

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If we look closer at the evidences then according to Times of India, March 7 2020 news report, there are 59387 police personals are in Odisha. From that 5730 are police women that is only 9.65%. But there is 33% reservation for women in police department. So this definitely needs to be increased and brought into implementation.

Further Odisha also has more than 70,000 Transgender (source: international journal of current research) June 2018.

Meaning we can work and try to recruit more transwomen in Police department. This will ensure inclusion and also help in supporting the community in a dignified manner.

We are well aware that women themselves are treated badly and so a transwoman is treated even worse.

If head of the department is a woman/transwoman then crime against women and children will be registered and we can hope that it will become zero atleast in police station and by police officers.

A victim or as we say survivor can then easily share their problems with the police women police officers.

We can make our state and specifically police stations more safer and sensitive space.

My request might sound bizzare amidst Covid 19 but we need to be mindful that crimes have not stopped due to virus infact they have increased. Here are some more evidences that support my cause and make it an urgent matter for resolution:

*Cases that were caused by our protectors- policemen*
1. Malkangiri district raped and murder of woman Worker in police canteen (Kalinga tv,13 May 2020)
2. Jharigaan, Nabrangpur 3 girls are sexually assaulted by home guard (Samaj 28.06.2020)
3. Lady home guard sexually assaulted by iic in sundergarh (Sambad 28 feb 2020)
4. Police SI raped minor girl in Sohela Bargarh (11 feb 2019 ,otv)
5. IIC Birmitrapur Rourkela raped minor girl in police station (24 Jun 2020 ,samaj)
6. PSO raped woman in his house in Kandhamal (otv 16 Sep 2019)
7. Mayurbhanja thakurmunda constable raped Disable woman (6 June 2020)
8. Puri gang rape case in Kumbharpada Thana raped by police SI with others in police quarter (3 Dec 2019)
9. Police constable raped a woman in nimapara Puri (Otv 17/Oct 2019)
10. Police SI beating one lady in police station (05 March 2019)


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