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Plight Of A Failed Mother- Poem

Posted: August 19, 2020

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This beautiful poem talks about the pressures of existing as a “good mother” that society puts on women.

Her bundle of joy as she enveloped in her arms,
She felt as if to her wounds God had applied a soothing balm.
With every step of her child, she learned many things and grew as a mother,
With the comforting thought that except motherhood,can there be any greater joy, other?

Her night and day and also her life centered around him,
Except being a mother, all her other identies had ceased to exist, it seemed.
Experiencing the joy of creation and of nurturing,
After becoming a mother, everyday in new territories,she was venturing.

High on the pedestal,as a mother, the world had made her sit,
The crown of being a ‘mother’ had never let her relax,a bit.
For her child’s every achievement,she was never praised,
But the day he faltered, questions on her upbringing were raised.
The pedestal  she had been risen to, had always been unstable,
A slight mistake will raise questions on her upbringing,had been a fear, perpetual.

She never felt the same joy that she had felt on the day,
When her new born  baby calmly in her arms lay.
How he grows and what he becomes will decide what kind of a mother she has been,
In her child’s achievements and failures, her success as a mother, will be seen.

Many times she had tried to brush the thoughts and pressure, aside, Enjoying just being a mother with pride.
The adjectives attributed to motherhood she detest and hate,
How can society according to their whims to a mother, rate.

How she wish to enjoy every phase of motherhood without any  long list of expectations,
Relishing every bit of the bliss without instructions and suggestions.
If equality is the norm everywhere,a mother too deserves some  respite,
A little space to move, to breathe,to falter and to stand again with father too taking some responsibilities in his stride.

A teacher,blogger, poet and a mother.

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