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A Feminist Love?

Posted: August 31, 2020

Words reflecting “love” and yearning voiced by women.

If I could hold your thoughts and tie them to mine,

If I could make you see through my unwritten verse,

If I could make you believe what I spoke in your absence,

And make you feel what you had never felt.

If I could convince you that I had never lied,

In the presence of your memory or even beyond,

I never aspire to drift to an alternate pace,

And never demand for you to revert this touch.

It appears as a crossroad or a puzzle at every step,

In spite of the books we read or the visions we seek,

If I could make you travel with me to an endless path,

And never return in search of a perfect end.

I sometimes wish to dedicate you a verse,

In fact every word I write or every art I draw,

If I could make you read me through my works,

And build a literature just for you to judge.

In the freedom of my choice or a closing tie,

I would have chosen you over every life,

If I could make you choose me in return as well,

And reverse the fate that prohibits such turn.

Image source: Pexels

a writer, a Ph.D. student, a believer, a poet-in-making...

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