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Say No…

Posted: June 16, 2020

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Remember there is only one your parents can be ashamed of that’s loosing their daughter to foolish societal manmade customs.

Learn to say no…

It’s very important for a women to have a voice of her own, Read about whats happening around… How are people especially women live in the world.

You Can’t Give In…

What is the right way of living? Please raise thought provoking questions in  your family, Voice your opinion or else understand that the fight is really long so you can’t give in …

A strange thing is that a women who never got respect will never let you have respect and will misguide you. Look for source of misguidance in spouses life.

Create situations without fear of losing the battle. If you really feel you can change, your heart will give all the answers.

Create a circle of people with common interests where you can raise topics and talk about it freely.

Your Spouse…

Your spouse also needs to see the flip side of the way he has been brought up as everyone will eventually think they were being brought up well till they find someone who can find flaws in the system.

Women always continue to be in contact with other female friends. You share your heart out. You don’t deserve to be exploited , blamed ,abused,used,made to cook or made to do anything against your wish.

You own your life and have full right to say no!

No one can hit you to get his work done. Neither you own the other person nor does he own you. We are community beings, like you need your husband, his mother or family also needs him so let him be free to be dutiful.

Accept that like the way he has been added to your already running life you have been  added to his already running life and coexistence is the keyword.

A wife needs to be  smart enough to make her husband feel  right and wrong through discussions ,talk when he is mood to listen. Don’t take injustice of any sort  and look out for help contact counselors , therapists to take hold of your life. Come out of  the good girl image you were asked to fit into to save a marriage, a family and save your parents from shaming. Remember there is only one your parents can be ashamed of that’s loosing their daughter to foolish societal manmade customs. Talk, express and meditate, be the change you want to see.

Raise your daughters like you raise your sons to be bread winners and should have equal share in every walk of life… Rock on!

Image Via Pexels

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