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I Am Not A Perfect Mom, But I Try My Best…

Posted: June 24, 2020

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If kids do well, credit goes to both parents but the moment they do anything wrong only mothers are blamed. I mean why? Let’s mothers be themselves!

Yes, I have slogged in the corporate world before having a baby. Then I decided to take a break and became a full-time mommy. And the journey of being a mom for the last 7 years has been the toughest job I have done in my life. It’s a never-ending job where you are judged more and not even paid.

And yes living up to the expectations is not easy at all. If kids do well, credit goes to both parents but the moment they do anything wrong only mothers are blamed. I mean why?

In our country, this has always been the norm. But I try to keep a balance so that neither my kids take anything for granted nor my husband should think that it’s only my job to raise the kids. We are partners and whatever good or bad they do, we both should be responsible.

The perfect mom

As a mother, I face much competition from other mommies, yes in sports, arts, exam and whatnot. So I try my level best not to force my kid for anything. I convince her and she agrees. Not all the time though. I make her participate in all the competitions sometimes she wins and sometimes loose. Earlier she used to cry but now she understands that everyone is trying their 100 per cent to win.

I always try my girl is dressed up well for all the occasion or her stage performances. No matter how tired I am I make sure she looks her best. I know many times I forget to dress up and have landed many places in my pyjamas but doesn’t make any difference to me.

When my child performs her best in dance, talks or rhymes or any competitive exams, I feel I it’s my competition as well. I also win with her. I think most moms are like that. It’s not intentional it just happens I guess.

Sometimes even when I have to fight for my kid I am always there. But I make sure she sorts her problem first. If she is not able to handle that’s when I enter and make sure to know the real reason and the react or take action accordingly.

I have made my daughter self-dependent to fight her fight. That’s how we have to raise our daughters. To be strong enough and learn from their wins and losses. I may be strict sometimes but it’s for their betterment only. That’s how I try my best. Share your thoughts and experience too.
Bani Dey John – former Assistant editor with India Today, now a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.

Picture credits – Nil Battey Saanata

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