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How To Keep Your Child Busy During Lockdown

Posted: June 21, 2020

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Lockdown has been difficult for all of us especially our kids who are handling it better than us. Here are a few ways you can keep your child busy.

Yes, the lockdown is most harsh for the kids who are trapped inside the house. But they are fighting brave, actually better than us. They somehow find ways to keep themselves busy. Here are my top five which my kid does.

Dance And Music

Music heals everything and dancing expresses your emotions. My kid suddenly wanted to learn kathak and learned some basic moves of kathak and ballet from YouTube. She even learns basic of classical singing.


Yes, whenever she says I want to watch TV, I give her something to draw and now she draws everyday. Even sometimes she draw something which makes no sense but it keeps her busy.

Reading Books

Books are your best friend. During this time for sure. Make a habit for the child to read one story everyday before going to bed.

Helping Mommy

Yes, give them work like watering plants, dusting, arranging cushions, keep their toys and books tidy. And also play with the little one when momma is busy in kitchen.

Watch Kids Movie

Make them watch interesting kids movies like Frozen, Lion King and other interesting stuff. It helps to improve their vocab and generate new ideas. My child now only speaks English in accent and records her videos making imaginative stories.

Share your thoughts and reviews too. Happy Quarantine.

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