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10 Productive Things To Do On A Sabbatical From Work

Taking a sabbatical from work is still considered risky but not a no-go; here's how to use the time productively and enjoyably. 

Taking a sabbatical from work is still considered risky but not a no-go; here’s how to use the time productively and enjoyably. 

Are you tired of work pressures, deadlines, long commutes to work and unfair appraisals? Is balancing family and work becoming an impossible task for you? This is when you need to rethink your priorities and consider going on a sabbatical to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

A sabbatical can mean different things to different people; some go on a career break to re-organize their life, while some do it for raising children. Whatever your reason may be, I believe that every working professional must go on a break and use that time to test their life goals and decisions.

So now that your open to the idea, let’s explore some fun and interesting ways to enjoy your sabbatical from work and ensure you grow, stay relevant and updated.

Give back

Climbing ladders and running the rat race in the corporate world, globe-trotting and earning big bucks turns us into individuals with commercial mindsets.

Use this time to to share your corporate experience and skills with people that need it, but can’t afford it. For instance, conduct workshops on leadership skills, negotiation and teamwork abilities, sales and marketing strategies, etc for working professionals at subsidised rates, or complimentary sessions at NGOs, etc.

Rekindle a lost passion

Ever had a burning desire to become a tennis instructor or learn to play the guitar or learn belly dancing or attend a writing retreat in the Himalayas, but could not do it due to the fulfilment of your financial responsibilities towards the family? A break is a good time to do it.

Relax, meditate and decompress

Were you in a leadership position and faced tremendous pressure to deliver and constantly meeting high profile clients on business deals? You can now relax and decompress with meditation and yoga.

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Pursue academia and knowledge

In our corporate careers, some of our jobs demand academic degrees and certificates, for which you are unable to make time. Now you can pursue a diploma from a top university depending on your area of interest, on a full time, part-time basis, via satellite learning or on campus.

Enjoy the luxury of reading

Full-time jobs normally deprive us of the luxury of reading, and a career break is a time to immerse yourself in publications, newspapers, novels, and books of subject matter interest to develop your IQ and growth of skills.


Contribute to a worthy cause with NGOs in your city.

Explore the possibility of entrepreneurship

Taking a break itself is a risk-taking process, and this can be demonstrated by launching your own venture, with a strong idea in mind. You will have to face late nights, multi-tasking, continuous rejections and gruelling working hours, all of which demonstrate your tenacity, which recruiters seek in career restarters.

Learn a language

Learning Italian, French or Spanish demonstrates your ability to explore new things, your curiosity and hunger to learn, which a huge bonus in your interviews.

Short-term jobs abroad

One of the most offbeat things to do on a sabbatical from work is to take up short-term jobs abroad to supplement your travel fund. Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular options.

Write a novel

Write a novel and get it published, or take up a creative writing program to channel your creative juices.


A career break is a perfect time to travel and go on a soul searching trip. And since it’s a sabbatical, you plan your trip according to your personal tastes. (Of course, this is not feasible at the moment, when we are under a global lockdown, but it would work at other times).

Taking a sabbatical from work is very common these days, and despite the stigma attached to it, people still take one at some point in their careers, depending on what their goals are in life. And it is highly recommended, considering the burnout of corporate executives these days with work pressures, as they climb up the ladder.

Do follow these ideas if you’re planning to take a break, to ensure you get back refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged.

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