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A Newly Married Woman’s Guide On How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You In 3 Weeks Flat!

Posted: March 11, 2020

Did your mom and sundry friends tell you you need to cook yummy stuff and look sexy to have your new husband fall in love with you? Nah! Just read this.

The role of good food cooked by you and sex is largely overrated in your objective of making your husband falling head over heels in love with you. Let me substantiate on the tips and the factors that really do make a difference.

*sarcasm alert

Tip 1

Now think Watermelon. Make it huge. That is the size of his ego. He is a new husband after all. You’ve got to massage his ego. Not all the time, otherwise he’ll figure out what you are doing. Only some of the times. But if done at the most opportune moments, the effect is double of what it would otherwise be.

Let me substantiate on the most opportune moments for you. Now think baby. A very small one. The baby plays with his toys and after every two minutes looks at his mother for a reaction of approval. She smiles dotingly at him. It pleases the baby.

You’ve got to laugh at your husband’s jokes, whether they are genuinely funny or genuinely stupid. Get the baby analogy. Men seldom grow up. Some of them do. Most of them remain boys forever.

Tip 2

Another way to steal your man’s heart is to participate in arguments that he has initiated and not take them to heart.

He loves the fact that he can argue with you. He feels he has got married to someone intelligent who he can argue with over socio-political affairs, issues like the students protest at JNU, outbursts at Jamia Milia Islamia and how inane your mother’s comments were over the dinner that she hosted for you guys the other night.

You might argue with me and say, “why should I agree with him when my mother’s arguments are never inane?” You know that and I do. And that is enough. He doesn’t need to know that. Just indulge his ego. In conforming with his point of view you are inching your way forward to his heart.

Tip 3

Another tip that always works.

You’ve had a long day at work and just want to curl into your favourite Jaipuri razai over some hot piping soup style Maggi noodles. But he, on the other hand wants to go meet a common friend for a cup of coffee. Never say no. It’ll completely ruin his mood. And he’ll ruin yours later if you don’t go, by sulking for the next two weeks.

Tip 4

Men are essentially peace-loving creatures. Please don’t quarrel with the house-help or speak with him/her in a high-pitched tone. It annoys him no end. You’ll never be able to get into his good books.

Follow these tips and you’ll have him twirling around your little finger in no time at all. Also, the argument volume will reduce. Most importantly, you’ll sleep blissfully like a baby each night.

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