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‘I Refuse To Suck In My Well Earned Belly,’ Says Sona Mohapatra After Being Trolled For Swimsuit Pictures

Sona Mohapatra is in the news again. This time because she wore a swimsuit! She got trolled but as always, she got back to them like a boss she is!

Sona Mohapatra is in the news again. This time because she wore a swimsuit! She got trolled but as always, she got back to them like a boss she is!

Sona Mohapatra has had a great 2019. She amplified many women’s voices in the music industry during the #MeToo movement, called out major channels for supporting men accused of sexual harassment. And even started many relevant conversations.

But all this is just not enough for the trolls. Recently, she uploaded a photo on Twitter and Instagram and people unloaded in the comment section. Some body-shamed her, others called her ‘unsanskari‘ and some even discredited Sona’s feminism because she posted a picture in a swimsuit.

Sona responded like a boss

In her signature style, she took to Twitter and responded to the trolls which made them shut up, at least for the time being. She then, took to Twitter to describe her feelings.

She tweeted, “I shared some last evening and people wrote in saying ‘wearing slut clothes & then saying MeToo?’ Some felt let down, “thought you were a serious person?!” Many sent (heart emoji) and (fire emoji)… I refuse to fit into any box, just like I refuse to suck in my well-earned belly. 2020 here I come’


The good thing about this was that the response was filled with more photos of her flaunting her body gracefully in the swimsuit. Certainly giving zero damns about ‘log kya kahenge.

She also got into a verbal duel with hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani who claimed that she was tired of people posing in ‘skimpy clothes’ and calling it feminism. Sona’s response to that was exactly how one would expect her to respond.

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Trolls trolls trolls can we get expect something better?

Women getting trolled for being who they are is not new. They are trolled for showing skin or not showing skin, wearing makeup or not wearing makeup, for being fat or being thin. And even for their skin tones! It’s just easy for people to troll women and put them down.

How Sona stood up to the trolls and answered back is a sign of new beginnings this new year. But the way she was trolled makes us questions the fundamentals. Her feminism was questioned because she wore a swimsuit. How is that even relevant? Just how do your clothes define your values? Do women really need to be covered up to be taken seriously!

Feminism includes the fight for women to do as they please with their bodies. Women’s bodies face much more scrutiny than men. And it’s high time that we realise that women won’t be rattled anymore!

All the more power to you, Sona!

Picture credits: Sona Mohapatra’s Twitter 

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