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Go Wear A Burqa, They Said. So She Drew One On Her Pictures! Meet Instagram Artist Priyadarshini Kacker

Posted: January 7, 2020

Artist Priyadarshini was asked to ‘wear a burqa’ for supporting the anti-CAA protests. Her answer to it was simple, albeit brilliant. Here’s what she did!

Priyadarshini Kacker, an artist on Instagram was recently called a few names by a Hindutva supporter. The person called her a “libtard,” “liberandu” and asked her to “go wear a burqa.”

She was asked to go wear a burqa for her stance on the Citizen Amendments Act that was passed by both Houses of the Parliament. Priyadarshini has been trolled incessantly for having the opinion that she does. She uses art to show her disagreement with the government and she was trolled.

Being an artist, and someone with a great sense of sarcasm, she went ahead and came up with a solution to the trolling. She painted a burqa on her picture and shared it on Instagram. What’s more was that she asked women to send their pictures if they too were asked to ‘wear a burqa.’ She is being applauded for her wit and a some women have also sent in their pictures to her.

Being trolled for having opinions

While her solution is absolutely brilliant, it begs the question why is she being trolled for having an opinion. As an artist and a human, she has every right to exist and show her opinions. Just because we don’t agree with someone, doesn’t give us the right to harass them.

Well, the trolling is not new. Trolls are everywhere, waiting for a perfect opportunity to pounce.

With the rise of social media, people with opinions that were less than likeable or were plain mean got a place to vent without a face. As Twitter and Instagram became a matter of daily consumption, trolls started to becoming powerful.

Trolls trolls everywhere

One can remember Kunal Kamra who is trolled every day by Rightist Twitter. He probably has an inbox that is filled with death threats. But he isn’t the only one, right from journalists to celebrities- everyone is called names for simply having opinions.

Kunal Kamra’s show at a Gujarat Varsity got cancelled because his jokes were “anti-national.” Any little criticism of the Government will have you be labelled as an anti-national. This trend has been on the rise in the recent past.

An anti-war stance taken by Gurmehar Kaur was used as fodder to send rape threats to her. A Kargil martyr’s daughter, she took to social media to express her opinions on war and was trolled relentlessly.

It shows how embedded rape culture and toxic masculinity is in our culture. Instead of agreeing to disagree or hold a debate, people texted her rape threats.

My country was never one to tear apart, my country taught me to be tolerant, to love my neighbour. It is great because it lets everyone be. And anyone who isn’t of that opinion is the real “anti-national.”

Picture credits: The artist’s Instagram.

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