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Check Out These 17 Works Of Fiction, Published By Women’s Web Authors In 2019

Every year, we bring you a selection of diverse reads by Women's Web Authors. Here's closing 2019 with the works of fiction published by our incredibly talented community.

Every year, we bring you a selection of diverse reads by Women’s Web Authors. Here’s closing 2019 with the works of fiction published by our incredibly talented community.

From smashing the patriarchy to ‘urban horror’, from romance to flash fiction, you will find something here to suit your every reading mood. You’ll also find below a few picks specifically for children and young adults, which make for wonderful new year gifts to the young people you know!

Happy exploring and reading.

Short Stories & Other Collections

Bhumi, by Tina Sequeira

Bhumi: An Anthology of Short Stories is an eclectic collection of 21 short stories by Tina Sequeira. It features real women who breathe and come alive, says, Tina, unlike their cookie-cutter counterparts on the celluloid.

The Big-Bang of Non-Fiction, edited by Swarnima Sharma

The Big Bang of Non-Fiction is an anthology based on 22 real life stories  22 Indian Authors. As the preface says, “Some stories give you goosebumps, Some Stories you resurge, Some stories you adore, Some stories are smites of past occurrence…”

Author Aruna Menon has a story Pawprints On My Heart included in the book, while author Nandita De’s piece too has been included in the collection. 

Poison Ivy, edited by Enakshi J

With contributions from 20 authors, Poison Ivy is an anthology of stories “of patriarchy, violence against women, acid attacks, using feminism the wrong way and stereotypes that are often heard and then ignored”. 

Unexpected Light, by Sahya Samson

Unexpected Light: Short Stories is a short story collection based on the challenge of inner awakening, posed by modern life. As the blurb says, the stories look at the human element in a modern context, hinting or questioning the possibility of positive, enlivening inner change in unlikely, ‘stuck’, mundane situations.

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Life Blooms…In Myriad Ways, by Soumya Bharathi

Written by Soumya Bharathi, Life Blooms…In Myriad Ways is a collection of eight short stories woven by a common thread. A blossoming common factor. What is it? Indeed, life blooms in myriad ways…

Hiraeth, by Dr. Shivani Salil

What would you do if you were told you had minutes to leave your home? What would you take, what would you be thinking…? The writer, Dr. Shivani Salil belongs to a family of such refugees and Hiraeth – Partition Stories from 1947 is her tribute to them and to all refugees, on both sides of the border.

Sweek Flash Fiction, including Rashmi Agrawal

Rashmi Agrawal says that her story The Gem is included in the Sweek Flash Fiction Book Part 4, which includes 69 really short stories of fewer than 250 words, united by the words and themes ‘clock’, ‘wish’, ‘date’, ‘earth’, ‘boat’ and ‘palace’. 

A Jar Of Stories, by multiple authors

“What happens when you leave 17 women in a room with no escape roof? They talk of longing and heartache. Of night sky and the fireflies. Of smokes and ashes. Of memories and scars. Of dreams and cravings.”

This collection includes short stories from multiple Women’s Web authors including Surbhi Mahobia, Nandhitha Hariharan, Akshata Ram and Tina Sequeira.

City Of Screams, edited by Neil D’Silva

City of Screams which bills itself as India’s first horror anthology with stories in ordinary urban locales such as lonely mall corridors and stuffy hotel rooms, includes a story by our author Deepali Joshi. 

Novels & Novellas

Unusual Equations, by Anupriya Chowdhary

Authored by Anupriya Chowdhary, Unusual Equations: Of Passion, Urge and Longing revolves around the lives of three people entwined by love, passion, urge and devotion. Will they survive these unusual equations? Or will it destroy their happiness forever?

Deal Of Death, by Sonia Chatterjee

Sonia Chatterjee’s debut novel, Deal of Death: Introducing Raya Ray, is set in Munshiganj, a small town with a rich historical background. Recently though, the peace of this little town has been affected by the paranormal – the temple bell rings by itself daily at midnight. Will ex-marketing honcho Raya Ray be able to unravel the mystery? As she puts the pieces together, Detective Ray realises that nothing and no one is what they appear to be.

Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd by Richa S. Mukherjee

Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd brings you to meet Mr Prachand Tripathi, private investigator and owner of Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd. Accustomed to tracking down missing pets and cheating lovers, he is about to have his world change completely when a new case requires him to tail actress Shailaja Kapoor. What seems like a simple request turns into a dramatic dive into her murky past, wading through which is not going to be easy. Or safe! 

For children & young adults

Growing Pains, by Kanika G

Kanika G, a physicist by training and a mother of two girls, started writing to entertain her older daughter with stories, thus opening the floodgates on a suppressed passion. Growing Pains is the story of 13 year old Tara, a girl in a new school in a new town, and top top it all, facing an emergency appendectomy! How will Tara figure out this new, befuddling and complicated world?

Puma – A Soldier’s Dog, by Richa Kashyap

How does indie dog Puma, looking for food, become Commander Puma? Richa Kashyap’s Puma – A Soldier’s Dog is a tale of adventure, fun, hard work, sacrifice, love, and hope.

A Princess’ Quest For Knowledge by Soumya Torvi

In A Princess’s Quest for Knowledge Princess Vaishali is devastated when her younger brother, Prince Bhuvan is sent to a gurukul and she is told that girls are not allowed to study there. She makes up her mind that no one can stop her from learning. How will the princess pursue her quest for knowledge as she takes on the challenge? 

Darkless by Tanu Shree Singh

Everything has turned dark in Ani’s life. Dobby, Nani, friends – he has them all by his side. But he pulls away from them. Will Ani ever find his way out of the darkness? Darkless promises to be an intriguing story. 

Box Of Tales, presented by Anupama Dalmia

Box of Tales [Volume 1]  is an anthology of stories by children who were presented with the opportunity to let their pens flow, by their writing coach, Anupama Dalmia. 

What did a few friends do when they were stranded in a remote island?
How did a magical fairy solve the problem of a selfish kid?
Where did Alex go to finish his homework about deadly spiders?
Dive in to the Box of Tales to know more.

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