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What I Think Is The Real Laxmi Poojan

Posted: November 3, 2019

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Finally Diwali is over with its different means for all.

I mean innocent and carefree joy for kids which comes from new clothes and sweets.

Pressure on family heads to show off their wealth in it’s full glory.

Pressure on ladies to maintain the festivity and keep the kitchen engaged throughout the 5 days of auspicious festival.

Candles, lights, rangoli, flowers and all the glitter and shimmer that the festival contains.

And now last but not the least LAXMI POOJA without which the festival can’t be completed.

Back in touch with my mobile after these tiring and exciting days of festivity. I got a forwarded video in my Whatsapp group displaying the males of the family worshiping all the females in the family by touching their feet, putting the kumkum on their forehead and feet in return of which ladies giving their blessings.

Video was so impactful as being a North Indian I was looking something like that for the first time.

I was all impressed and all and thought are these people for real?.

Then after fiddling with the thought for some time my complicated mind started moving towards practical aspects of this video.

I wondered how would I feel if my husband worships me the same way as the men were doing in that video.

Would I be touched?

Would I be happy?

Would I be considering myself blessed?

And then I realised… No… I won’t be happy with my husband or the males in my life or family if they just do this act of touching my feet and putting the kumkum on my forehead.

I think the fact that my husband doesn’t expect or make me touch his feet as a wife makes me happy enough.

The fact that he respects my thoughts, my wishes and considers my opinion important makes me happy enough.

The fact that my father doesn’t consider me to be just his daughter but one of his heirs and gives me importance like my brothers makes me happy enough.

The fact that my father in law doesn’t consider me less than his daughter, makes me happy enough.

The fact that my brothers don’t consider me an outsider but just one of them, makes me happy enough.

I don’t need or want them to touch my feet or worship me like goddess. What I want is from them is just let me be myself and accept me as I am and spare the pooja for MA LAXMI.

Image via Youtube

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