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The Facade Of My Mother’s Beauty

Posted: November 2, 2019

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Her earliest memories of a makeup box include seeing her mother sitting in front of the mirror applying layer after layer of the articles that were there in that magical box. She used to be both fascinated and disgusted on the site of that box fascinated by the power it had to transform her mother into a different person and disgusted because she used to think that her mother looked more beautiful without those numerous layers of makeup. She used to wonder why her mother uses these layers of makeup on her face daily.

She also had a secret wish to have access to that box to have a look at what it can do to her but she was strictly forbidden to touch it and was told that she can have access to it once she grows up.

Soon the years passed and she grew up and made her parents proud by turning out to be a bright student landing a dream job with an MNC and the secret desire of owning the hid somewhere. This hidden desire was fulfilled once she owned one at the time when her marriage was fixed to the alliance that was thought to suitable for her by her father. She chose the most beautiful box and the most expensive cosmetics to go into that. She was amazed at herself by seeing the magic that box has created by making her the most beautiful bride on her wedding day. She thought how wrong she was about this box to have felt disgusted by it when her mother used it.

Today sitting in front of the mirror she could see her mind going back to those early memories of this makeup box that she had. The image of her applying layer after layer has come back and now she realized it was not used by her mother to make her beautiful but to hide the scars, the marks that were left by the beatings and punches given to her mother by her father. The memories came back to her of all those nights when she could hear the noises, the loud thuds and the meek pleas of her mother coming from the adjoining room. And during that very moment, she decided that she won’t do what her mother did years ago. She will not hide these scars that her husband has given her. She would stand up for herself and with that thought, she kept the box aside with a thought that the stuff in the box would only be used to enhance her beauty and not to hide the scars on her body because she needs to stop using cosmetics in order to heal the scars on her soul.

She recalled the lines she once read ” She once thought cosmetics were warpaint. She awaits their resurrection”. Yes for her cosmetics have now been resurrected.

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