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How My Mom And I Survived Her Menopause And What It Taught Me

Menopause is an extremely difficult time for the woman going through it. This mom had her son by her side throughout. Here is his take of his experience.

Menopause is an extremely difficult time for the woman going through it. However, this mom had her son by her side throughout. Here is his take on his mom’s menopause.

Ah, that word which signals the beginning of another huge change in a woman’s life- MENOPAUSE. A permanent end to the menstruation woes. As a son, I thought, my mother’s life will be sorted. Little did I know that this new phase will come with its challenges.

One evening my mother and her sister were engrossed in a deep discussion about menopause. They did not realise that I was also listening. So from their conversation, I had a vague idea of what was to follow. I was not prepared for the reality.

Mom and menopause

It was 2012 when my mother entered this period. Having grown up in a conservative but yet slightly progressive family, the topic of menstruation was never discussed with the menfolk.

My mother went mad during this whole period. Her hormones were running helter-skelter. She, who hated the sight of a doctor now had frequent visits to make. I accompanied her to the gynaecologist every single time she complained. It was a testing period for me.

My life, too, was going through a sea of change. For one, I was nursing a broken heart as the love of my life had dumped me. My job was becoming challenging since my boss had become a task-master he never was. So, in short, life was like a rollercoaster ride.

She needed me so I stepped up

My mother who was always my support needed me the most. Her energy levels were depleting. She was moody- her moods oscillated like a pendulum. One moment, she’d be happy and the next, she would be a hot ball of fire! There were times she sobbed uncontrollably just thinking of old times. All this was overwhelming and confusing to me. 

Hot flushes had become a daily routine. My father could not support as much as he was promoted. His new job entailed a lot of traveling. So I was the man of the house. 

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I had to keep a tight leash on my own emotions. Patience, my virtue was being tested. I decided to channel all my energy into taking care of my mother.

I remained calm and helped her face those hot flushes. Ensured that she had proper and nutritious meals all the time. I cheered her up whenever she felt she was in an abyss. And  motivated her when I realised that her anxieties were taking deep roots. I listened to her tantrums without retaliating. And I also ensured that she did not slip into depression.

We survived and we became strong

I knew that all these troubles would vanish soon. It was a temporary phase. Just like a daughter helps her mother, I decided to be the daughter my mother always wanted. I cared for her just like her mother would.

Yes, I succeeded and survived my mother’s menopause. Together a mother and son won the battle. The best part was our bond strengthened. We became the best of friends. It was a learning phase for her and me.

I can proudly say that I am ready for my WIFE’s menopause

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