Why Sorry? Try It!

An apology is not a smooth sailing boat to wash out all highs of life, but still, it takes you ashore, where you feel calm and all is right in the end.

I usually say that I am SORRY when I tell others their hard truth in my existence but end up hurting them. I say it because I know the scars don’t leave easy and I do not want to hurt anybody over the span of life. I say it so many times that it has become an instant bounce back word for me. Some other times saying sorry seems appropriate when the other person is wrong and insults me just to put me wrong. I say it in order to leave him/her no chance to do so. At times it is to boost other’s self-esteem as it gives them the benefit of thinking that they were right even if I know they weren’t. The more we say the word, the more other people think that we are insensible, insensitive, and imprudent. But is saying SORRY so harmful for one’s personality that the moment you utter it out you are automatically reduced to size zero in your character and self-esteem. Your presence goes unnoticed and nobody respects you after that.

Acceptance of being wrong in a particular situation is difficult because everybody is right in their perspective. Still, the discretion to know the boundaries of right and wrong is expected only from a human’s brain. Some feel and say it, others say but never feel, yet others neither say nor feel it; such is the character of this word. It is often misused when one causes a major irreparable loss to another and try to escape the situation. In that light, he/she actually wants to escape and hide from oneself. At times you have to be courageous enough to bear the trauma of your personality resizing after you say the word SORRY.

Committing a mistake and accepting it is far more difficult than its mere thoughtful allusion. Furthermore, it is heroic to extend your limited being to make repairs amongst despairs.

But, one who says sorry has to be prepared to be placed wrong and accept insults too. He is visualised as one who can be subjected to nuisance in many kinds of situations. He needs to be slow in counteractions as he does not afford to be wrong anymore. So, one who says sorry can never afford to make even the smallest mistakes in the future because if he does, there is no stance to be sorry again.

There can be times when someone suffers due to our unintentional actions. Sometimes thinking of their well-being causes trouble or damage to them. Thinking that they will accept you without your feeling sorry is impossible, but at the same time, we think that it is not for us to be sorry since our intentions were not bad. They may know that you feel sorry for them but they want you to say it out loud. This situation may be a big trial but there is no harm in saying what you feel. If it soothes anybody’s bruises, it won’t cost you much. An apology is not a smooth sailing boat to wash out all highs of life, but still, it takes you ashore, where you feel calm and all is right in the end.

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