The Reality Of The Fake Feminism

And one day, she will win, and nobody will say, you don't need to educate a girl child.

A feminist is born when a small child knows that her grandmother really wanted a boy,

A feminist is born when she loved that woman and wasn’t loved back

A feminist is born when she knows her parents had to fight to make her study and hence, she studied, and she earns for a living, so that nobody in the whole damn world can ever tell her that a girl does not need to study in a good school!

A feminist is born when this little girl goes to her friends house.. and is treated in a way that she doesn’t want to write.

That one single word, she doesn’t want to add it to this prose

And to know that the girl was fully covered,
this feminist laughs when people tell her that saree and sharam are a girls ornaments.

She is told the world is now equal, that she isn’t fighting for any real cause,
but she would have to spend on the wedding alone, that she should have the money to buy a groom for herself!

She is told the groom’s position in a family is the highest, he is like the God to the parents of the bride.

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The Bride? she can’t keep her name, or call her parental home her own, she just goes to a new home and has the lowest position, and needs to consider everyone an elder to her, because thats what you do in your in-laws house.
but she still can’t call her parents home her own home.

But she is a fighter, she fights for all this, she wont pay the whole wedding budget, and she won’t call a kid didi, and she still calls her parents home her own home!

She is a fighter within. She is a fighter and sleeps till 10. Nobody tells her anything.

She is just given examples of a female who is so disrespectful because she sleeps till 8.30 in her in-laws house. But she cannot call her parents home as her own home.

She is made to cover her arms, when she wears sleeveless. Her husband looks at her like why cant she wear full sleeved clothes. He is sitting in shorts in a pooja! How can she wear sleeveless in her in-laws home?

She wears whatever she wants. And now, she is taken as an example!
Someone spots a girl smoking in a salwar kameez. And this girl is told by her in laws, tumhare jaisi modern bhi nahi thi, salwar kameez pehni thi, fir bhi aisa kar rahi thi…

How can this girl wear jeans in her in laws home? And if they let her wear it they can take her example as a bad girl. Obviously girls in jeans smoke, and those in salwar kameez don’t!

Some child in the family gets sick, she is given an example,
aaj kal ki ladkiyon ko job karni hoti hai
What is the need to work?
Only she knows, the value of work!

Her niece is taught that her parents home is not her own home.

This feminist, is fighting for a fake cause, like having one own home…
one home that she can call her own and live there like she likes,
one home where if she lives how she likes she is not made to realize this everyday,

What a fake cause! Bleh!

This Feminist, she isn’t winning like she wanted to,
But she isn’t losing either,
All she has lost, is her self respect for a while,
But she is that drop in the ocean, one changing mindset at a time..
And one day, she will win, and nobody will say, you don’t need to educate a girl child,
and nobody will say, you have to buy a groom,
and nobody will say, that a girls clothes are a cause of molestation!

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