How To Ride A Rollercoaster?

If you don’t know where you are going you will be scared and on the other hand if you face it with your eyes open it will not be so tough.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has the fastest roller coaster in the world. With a top speed of 240 km/hour it is quite a challenge to take a ride on it. The heat in this city becomes unbearable and btw we were quite excited to come to this hot country in the hottest month of the year. Anyhow braving the torturing heat when we enter Ferrari World it is like heaven. It is built indoors with the air conditioning which is nothing like in our country …they are probably transporting the air from Antarctica too as anything is possible here . We are so relieved and happy to get away from the heat that we feel mentally ready to conquer anything.

The daughter quickly directs us to our first ride saying it is quite famous …well that is about all the information she divulges at this point . We are all strapped in this rather small and cute looking roller coaster in the shape of a Ferrari car . Happiness is still intact on our faces when the attendants start clapping for us . That raises eyebrows and before you can analyse the reason for this the ride begins like a jolt. In a second my eyes are shut and I hang on for dear life. The pressure on your body is so immense that you cannot move a muscle. Of course the roller coaster is doing enough moving and shaking that is possible to your body. The daughter seated next to me keeps asking me to open my eyes . I am in half mind to give her a push so that she shuts up . Here I am praying to finish this in one piece and she is expecting unreasonable courage from me. Well the torture does end after 2 minutes and we do get onto solid ground in one piece. Our hair all tied up in knots, tears rolling down the cheeks we are all happy to be alive when the daughter smiling from ear to ear asks us who was willing to go again. On seeing our shocked expressions she goes on to explain that one needs to keep the eyes open to enjoy this ride. If you don’t know where you are going you will be scared and on the other hand if you face it with your eyes open it will not be so tough.

This got me thinking-many philosophers and writers have written about life and compared it to a roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs but few have written about how to ride it. Well my teenager has a tip face your fears, take the problems head on and have fun in the process Avoiding the problems will just temporarily take them away You will overcome your fears only by keeping your eyes open. Then life would seem easy infact it would be a ride. I did go for another ride with her tried to keep my eyes open this time and yes it was enjoyable…nothing like the horrifying experience of the first time.

Even though she is not old enough to understand the analogy but still I am proud that her head is in the right place. I worry less for her now because she knows how to ride a roller coaster….

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