7 Fun and Easy Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

You can go for Green Diwali by doing your bit towards saving and making the environment safe for you and your fellow living beings.

Diwali brings good luck and fortune for everyone. Let’s celebrate it in a way which actually makes this true. Go green this Diwali and avoid pollution causing crackers. People are usually busy these days as this month is full of festivities. Even the kids can sense that. They love the lights and happiness in the air. After celebrating many festivals in the last few weeks the grand one is yet to come. – Diwali. People keep a fanatic week planned for same as they love to celebrate all festivals completely.

How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

If you feel that going green for Diwali and not using crackers keeps Diwali celebrations little incomplete, let us do it for our future (children) betterment and clean environment. According to a few, Diwali devoid of fireworks is considered incomplete.

Let’s explore why should we say no to crackers.

  • It creates Smog
  • It leads to Fire Accidents.
  • Other living beings (Aged/Babies/Pregnant ladies/Asthma patients) and pets get affected the most.
  • Land pollution from leftover burnt crackers and Noise pollution.
  • Child Labor.
  • Harmful air to breathe.

So the question here is, why can’t we refrain ourselves from bursting crackers this Diwali?

Will we keep Diwali incomplete if it is considered so, without crackers?

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is a special festival for us as it brings memories from our childhood. Diwali means a “row of lamps” in Sanskrit. It is celebrated for the return of Lord Rama, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman from 14 years exile and a war in which he vanquished the king Ravana.

This festival celebrates a new beginning, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Tips to Go Green this Diwali

You can go for Green Diwali by doing your bit towards saving and making the environment safe for you and your fellow living beings.

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It’s easy and enjoyable to follow the following ways to make it exciting :

  1. Choose Earthen lamps – No pollution and gives a different look. Set them in alluring patterns.
  2. Handmade cards and gifts – Go for economic and better sentimental values gifts for your near and dear ones.
  3. Give your home a natural aroma – Use scented candle and incense sticks.
  4. Rangoli – Use eco-friendly Rangoli colours for your homes and intricate different rangoli patterns to welcome goddess Lakshmi.
  5. Make other’s Diwali beautiful – Do some charity work. Donate your unwanted but good in condition things to needy ones. Keep your vehicles stocked with small boxes of sweets, chocolates, crayons, toys or knick-knacks that can be useful. Gift them to the kids who sell toys at the traffic signal or the people who sit at the street side with a wicker basket of veggies.
  6. Arrange a party at your place in the evening and eat sweets together. Enjoy with friends and family by visiting them.
  7. Make sure to clean up and sweep the garbage if any.

How to celebrate Diwali

Of late, many have found a different way of celebrating this festival; they head off to different locations in the country or the world and celebrate the festival differently there. India has some exotic destinations that must be explored to get a different feel of the festival altogether.

Whichever way you celebrate Diwali, make sure you watch it in wonder as it gives us the gift of togetherness, happiness, teamwork and memories that lasts forever.

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