Yeah! I Feel Cursed To Be Born As A Girl!

I feel bad to be a girl, not to do things as I wish to, to always ask my husband to do things, to be dependent on him for everything.

I was the one girl child of my parents. Although i am from a conservative middle class family, but my parents pampered me more than my little brother! Lucky me!! Completed my graduation and joined a IT firm! Yeah i started earning!! At work, I fell in love with one of my colle‌agues and married him after a courtship of 2 years!! During those 2years, we have made some beautiful memories which i would cherish for my lifetime!! There was a spark in my relationship which made me believe that he is the one for me! I remember i was more excited than anyone else for my marriage as it is literally a dream come true to marry the love of your life!

But things changed after marriage! We stay with my brother in law and approximately 2hrs away from my in-laws house. Speaking of my in-laws, they pamper me the same way as my parents. Obviously they would be few differences as i am not their daughter but still i feel lucky to have them as caring! But i still remember my first day in my so called new house. For 3-4 months approximately, there was no maid. I used to cook, do the household chores and never ever did my husband helped me in anything. He would prefer sleeping than helping me. For a girl who never had a glass of water by herself was very very tough.

With this if someday you forget to cook, you also have to listen to your so called loving husband’s taunts in front of others. Her dream of a happy marraige was shattered. Slowly she started accepting things. I feel worse because husband thinks he helps me a lot in everything. And since now they have a maid who does utensils and house cleaning, for my husband, I am not doing anything. I would return at 10 pm from office and have to get dinner ready after that.

For my husband, heating things in the microwave and serving food to self is something which only wife should do as the society says that. Even the plates after eating food would be there on the table until I clean them. You ask him to bring things and he would not really care. The list of my suffering continues.

If this is what a girl has to do and she cannot do things of her own! I feel bad to be a girl, not to do things as I wish to, to always ask my husband to do things, to be dependent on him for everything, for even having my favorite street food… for leading a life at his terms.

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