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Yes, A UTI Is Like A Phuljari: 5 Ways To Combat UTIs On The Go!

Are you someone who suffers from UTIs? Are you looking for preventive measures for the same? Well, look no more, for here are a few ways to prevent UTI!

Are you someone who suffers from UTIs? Are you looking for solutions and preventive measures for the same? Well, look no more, for here are a few ways to prevent UTI!

I knew the title will bring you here, and now that you are here let me clarify how I relate my UTI experience to a phuljari.

You may have seen a ‘phuljari‘ – how it crackles, how it burns. And also you can ignite one phuljari with other just by touching it for a fraction of second.

That is how easily and frequently I catch UTI. I love travelling, if I don’t go out of the capital city (my permanent abode) at least twice a year, I lose my sanity.

Travelling and UTI

But in the past few years, I always came back with bacterial infection down under! Some of you might have never experienced this (lucky you!) -but for me the excruciating pain and burning was unbearable every single time. And not to mention the grape sized antibiotics that I had to pop every time I went through this.

Eventually I decided not to go out ever, and also pledged not to use public toilets.

But the travel enthusiast in me longed to touch the beach sand, to wake up among the clouds.

So gradually, I started using my own tricks to launch a fight against UTI. Read ahead so that you can use them while using public toilets and also help other women overcome their fear.

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Water, water and more water

I drink a lot of water when I travel specially when I am about to hit the washroom. And once I am through, I drink more. This helps me flush away the bacteria that I might have unknowingly picked up.


I usually prefer using Indian traditional toilets, however difficult to use they may be. The chances of me catching anything are much less.

Most of the time I meet the monster on a western one. So, then I make sure that I sit in squat position. I make sure not to touch the seat and wake up any bacteria along with it!

Sanitiser spray

I have recently put my hands on them. Initially I was unsure about their capacity to actually do anything to the bacterial porcupine. But with time, when the infection episodes reduced I am quite sure that they played an important part.

All you have to do is spray them all over the seat and jetter and voila! The monster vanishes!

Toilet paper fort against UTI!

When I forget to carry the spray, or can evaluate the minimum amount of bacteria smiling at me. I end up covering the entire seat with the toilet paper and then sitting over it.

The level of protection this provides is still up for evaluation, but hey! Desperate times calls for desperate measures, you know?

The above mentioned methods might be only helpful in my case. But those who suffer with the same scenario every third month may go ahead and try them.

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Picture credits: Pexels

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