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Dear Ma… I Am Uprooted But I Still Stand Strong

Posted: September 23, 2019

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Just the other day I was sitting at my doctor’s clinic waiting to see him. Right across on the sofa sat a mother and daughter. The daughter too exhausted with the endless wait to see the Doctor was resting her head on her mother’s shoulders. Before I even realized how this had affected me tears started rolling down my cheeks and this continued for the next five minutes. Even the curious looks of people didn’t stop me. They must be wondering if I am going through a serious medical problem. What they did, ‘not know was that it was a simple case of missing my mom. The question that keeps troubling me is why me ?? Why couldn’t I have a few more years of my mother’s tender love and care.

So we were having coffee with a friend who has not met us in a very long time. In the process of consoling me as it was the first time we were meeting after mom passed away, she told us about what she has been dealing with or rather fighting for the last 20 years. Something that is so hard to even imagine. In all the years she had never shared this with us and how were we supposed to know …she was always this calm and peaceful person doing well in her work and always updated with the latest regarding the kids. Who would imagine this calmness was a perfect veil to the storm that was constantly inside her. She too had her “Why Me??” moments but now she was the epitome of strength and courage.

When we have these moments when everything seems wrong and we are drowning in self-pity and the world doesn’t seem fair at all …we should just tell ourselves that we are not alone.

You realize there is no answer to Why Me??. We are all fighting our battles. These battles define us and make us the person that we are today. And it only comes with acceptance. That is when we stop asking the question and start dealing with reality. That is what keeps us going to face even tougher battles.

To this friend, I say thanks for caring enough to share. And to my Ma, I say even though I am uprooted I still stand because I am your daughter after all.

Image is a still from the movie Kahaani 2

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