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A Divorcee, I Remarried.. But My Daughter Is Not Allowed To Keep My Husband’s Name.. Why?

Posted: August 2, 2019

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I still do not understand how times have changed for women or is it just a delusion.

I got divorced and did not change my surname as my daughter was emotional about having a different surname than mine and it didn’t matter at that time but things changed when I decided to remarry.

I changed the surname in gazette for both but when I changed cities the new school accepted the biological father’s name in place for the father’s name.

My divorce papers had mentioned that the biological father shunned all his responsibility and henceforth the mother is responsible for all monetary responsibility and life decisions for the child.

My present husband has happily and wholly accepted my daughter and has taken full responsibility of her and feels deprived that his name is not being mentioned when he’s the one doing everything..if not that my daughter is emotionally in doldrums and going through emotional upheaval since her step siblings are getting us both as parents since he’s a widower, with she feeling left out.

It feels unfair and brings about anger in me why we should suffer for the laws of such kind or men who are irresponsible with their duties towards their wards or for fathers who wholly willingly giving…

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