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Face To Face With Her New Best Friend!

One says standing facing the mirror, her inner girl demanded an explanation

It seemed she could never meet her standards. The high levels that always seemed so far fetched. To the outside world she was great, an independent thinker, an achiever, value creator. But to her own self, she was so ungenerous, stingy and demanding.

One says standing facing the mirror, her inner girl demanded an explanation. An explanation for missed appreciations, an explanation for unexplained coldness.

And she had no words to say in her defence, for once and all she felt ashamed. Ashamed of having failed to please her own soul, ashamed of depriving her of all the love…

She looked into her eyes and made a promise!

A promise to give her the due credit she deserved, a promise to nurture and celebrate her and make her feel proud.

Since that day, they have been best friends!

Image via Unsplash

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Meenakshi Kumar

Meenakshi is a Manager working with Accenture Strategy. She is passionate about her job and her corporate career. She is mother of a very energetic 9 year old boy and has a 4 year old read more...

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