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On Falling In Love With My “Imperfect Self”

Posted: June 10, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

Body shaming can shred a woman’s self-esteem and scar her for life. There is nothing more liberating than loving yourself as you are. Love your ‘imperfect selves’.

Living in the world of people who love me,
Delusional I live with perfect glee…
Love that has always been around in ample.
A life so perfect it’s almost a scandal.

Let me now start from the beginning,
For most, it wouldn’t mean a thing,
Let us have a look at the childhood,
I had everything that a child would,

And oh-so-affectionate a family,
Always treated me well and gently…
When I’d say, “Oh, thank you for the pretty dress”,
She’d say, “My lovely, had you been a size less, it wouldn’t be so much of a mess”

“Oh but lovely you are, my dove”
And I’d smile with all my love.
I’d hear them say, “Oh what a great dancer, you are”
“Just a little fat but amazing you are”

They’d praise, “Oh you’ve got a heart of gold”
A flabby body but persona humble yet bold.
With passing childhood came the teens,
Growing up like any child it may seem,

I grew up and learnt to be wise,
Wisdom didn’t quiet matter with my clothes doubling in size.
I’d hear family and friends say,
Should I say if I may?

You’ve grown up to have a lovely face,
You should exercise to lose that weight,
Staring at the mirror came the youth,
Now let’s just look at the truth,

Lined up on my shelf came the awards I won,
It’s great but you still are fat all said and done.
So you can sing, dance, and paint and ride.
You can throw a ball, and make it slide,

But, there are the eyes of people that never lie
Reminding you of the truth that never dies,
So what If you’ve got a good job,
So what if you’re friends adore you a lot,
No matter how hard you fight to be the perfect child, the perfect bride,
Little did I know it will never be right.

You’ve got the moves, you’ve the face,
But it’s always your plus size ass that sets the pace,
The colors perfect, you’ve got this right,
But isn’t the outfit a little too tight..

Oh don’t you pity me over this,
Love isn’t something that I miss,
I’ve loved and I’ve failed,
For this I’ve never wailed.

Here I am, with a crime I never did,
Life’s a bitch like the clothes that never fit.
Oh now let’s get this straight,
It’s no more just about the weight.

This is me, my imperfect self,
A fun loving silly elf,
Living in a world of people who love me,
Delusional I live with perfect glee

Image Source: A Still from Tumhari Sulu

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