Things We Don’t Explicitly Tell The Ones We Love

This poem explores the unsaid parts of love and healing! Much more than just expressive love.

Lie down, next to each other
Straight with our backs facing upwards

Naked, bare
I will let you feel my spine,
It bruises and bumps, everything in between
From my neck till your back
Connected, like puzzle pieces
And see the dimples it creates on
the bottom of your back

Look at each other
And count the light in our eyes
The tip of your fingers
Tracing down my neck
Soothing my scars out of illusion

So, let’s,
Lie down, next to each other
With our backs facing upwards
Neither side showing the offense
And slowly burden each other with
Your freckles and my bruises
One above the other
Laidback, feel the weight build up
Of emotions and weapons

Till you’re no longer soothing the scars down my neck
This isn’t about love
This is about delusional competition
And trust me, you’re not the only one
With hold of my thoughts
I’ve got my back (and yours too)


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