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Why Does It Have To Be The Woman Always?

They had been together for a decade and suddenly everything came apart. Did she expect too much from the relationship?

My question is why does it have to be the woman always?

So here it goes. Once I was travelling with my friend who happens to be very smart and open-minded. She told me about this guy who is very intelligent, smart, sharp and happens to have a girlfriend from an early age. He also happens to share everything with his mother. In fact, his mother is his only best friend.

This guy has had a girlfriend in his life since the age of fifteen. Professionally, he has published many books and is a true genius of literature. So the problem arose when the guy and his girlfriend had issues with their relationship and the guy was kind of turned off by her.

The girlfriend in this ten years of relationship grew emotionally attached to the guy. She started acting weird begging for love. She started doing suicidal stuff because, in all these years, she never thought of any other guy and dreamt of marrying him. She never thought that they have to part ways.

The guy now almost disinterested had to tell all this to his mother. The mother informed the girlfriend’s parents about their daughter’s suicidal tendencies. Now the girl’s parents also got agitated and turned against the guy and his mother. They warned to lodge a complaint against the guy. The mother got terrified thinking that her son would get into trouble because of this girl. She shifted her son to a faraway place where he is safe although not earning much.

The real problem was that the guy moved on so easily that it troubled the girl. She was still in love with him and had imagined a life with him as her soulmate. They had been together for a decade and suddenly everything came apart. Did she expect too much from the relationship? Who knows??

Everyone blamed the girl for what she felt, what she did and what she imagined. Everyone including her own family told her to move on.

After narrating this real-life incident to me, my friend told me how girls stoop to a level where they misuse the power and their vulnerability and how an innocent guy is trapped in between.

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So, my question here remains that is it really the girl’s fault? Is she being blamed for not being able to move on from a relationship where she got attached to the guy who made her feel special? Is she being blamed because the guy never told her that he does not harbour the same feelings for her? Is it her fault to be like this? Who knows even I don’t have an answer to all this!

But I have an answer for all those mothers out there who are so obsessed with their sons that they think it always has to be the girl who is trapping your son. Then please read this:

We are not the ones who loiter here and there and go after your son. Neither do we have a special interest in your bank accounts. We are our own creatures who think that this guy might turn out to be the best. After much deliberation, we say “yes” and then it takes us years to make him our soulmate because your ‘son’ makes us believe in love and happy endings. We then start believing that after years of dating, we can be sure about this relationship. It was your ‘son’ who wanted to make this happen all along. Now, after all these years, he suddenly flips. Now that the chase is over, he loses interest. And then goes to his mother and says, ‘This girl trapped me.’ Is this correct?

I don’t know as a reader which side of the story is correct but I have a feeling that the girls should be heard at least once.


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