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Had A Fabulous Holi Party? Now Check This 10-Step Post Holi Detox Guide…

So you've had a fabulous Holi. Played with colours. Gorged yourself on all the foods you love. Maybe even drank a little too much at the party? This post Holi detox comes in handy!

So you’ve had a fabulous Holi. Played with colours. Gorged yourself on all the foods you love. Maybe even drank a little too much at the party? This post Holi detox comes in handy!

Holi is a festival of colours, happiness and loads of food. With everyone around playing with colours, gorging on gujiyas and gulping down the tastiest thandai, you are left with absolutely no option. Just like everyone else, you leave your health and fitness goals aside to binge on the delicious Holi treats.

While a single gujiya has 270 kcals, fret not! Here is how you can get back on track after the Holi binge a.k.a Holi party. The most important part is, once you have eaten everything you need not feel guilty about it, because it is already in your tummy since you found it yummy. Leave it aside and get back on to the health bandwagon post Holi.

Let me make your post Holi journey easier. So here we go! These post party tips are just what you need after this Holi.

  1. Is the post Holi party hangover killing you? Then have a glass of lemon water once you wake up. Moreover, lemon water can detoxify your body and remove the acquired toxins.
  2. Eat light meals. Since you have already gorged on foods which are high in calories, sugar and salt, it is best to eat basic home cooked food like khichdi, dal-chawal, light soups, vegetable juice and not to forget loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.The fibre in the fruits and vegetables will keep your digestive system healthy and help in soothing it.
  3. Drink enough water as you are looking to detoxify your body. Add flavour to your water by adding fresh fruits, lemon wedges, mint leaves and herbs. You could try combinations like strawberry and mint, pineapple and ginger, orange and mint, cucumber, lemon and mint leaves, apple and cinnamon etc.
  4. You must avoid outside food, packaged and processed foods completely because these are usually high in calories and contain excess salt/sugar which can be toxins for your body. Rather, practice clean and simple eating.
  5. Go for freshly prepared vegetable juices rather than packaged fruit juices. Packaged juices again have added sugars which will put a load on your system. You can even opt for coconut water or buttermilk with mint leaves and cumin powder.
  6. Try and incorporate small and frequent meals since this will help you cleanse your system better. Rest assured that your metabolism is about to speed up.
  7. Add foods which are good for liver health. Liver is one organ which is required for the detoxification process and has the tendency to undergo the detoxification process on its own. Consume more citrus fruits, berries, beetroot as a veggie or juice and cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and so on.
  8. Avoid alcohol completely, even caffeine must be consumed in moderation(1 cup of tea/coffee in the day). Rather you can consume herbal teas like chamomile tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea etc.
  9. Working out is important. Working out will not only help in removal of unwanted toxins but will also help you in losing the water you have retained due to binge eating and alcohol consumption.
  10. Try yoga and meditation because this will calm your mind and make you feel better. Also, since Holi is loaded with synthetic colours it can damage your skin and hair. Hence go for hair nourishing treatments and use mild shampoo and conditioners on your hair as the hair can go dry or frizzy due to the presence of chemicals in the colours. Go make-up free for a few days so that your skin gets the chance to breathe. Apply gel based moisturizers, toners or creams which will soothe your skin and avoid any products which are loaded with chemicals. Try home-based face packs like tomato and honey face pack, aloe vera and lemon juice pack, oats and banana face pack, carrot, tomato juice and lemon juice face pack. You can even apply aloe vera gel to your hair or may be some curd to remove the tangles and make it fizz free. So ladies here is how you can detox and take care of your skin and hair both easily without any hassles.

What are your best post Holi detox tips? Share with us!

Image via Unsplash

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