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7 Elements Which Made “Gully Boy” A Very Interesting Movie

Posted: February 25, 2019

Today I was eager to watch Gully boy but at the same time feared that this should not be just another motivational movie with nothing new in it to hear and learn. I personally like movies which are in accordance with the fact or reality. They should have some element of inspiration and some bonding which leaves an impact on your mind for a very long time. I really didn’t want this movie to be a disappointment but I am glad that I watched it.

It had all elements of a true hit movie. Here are the 7 things which make this movie interesting:


Character named MC Sher

This fellow who is playing the role of a rapper named MC sher (actual name is Siddharth Chaturvedi, a newcomer) plays a very significant role in the movie. There is no dearth in the protagonist’s passion for rapping, his creativity and the fire in his belly to get what he desires. But at the same time, the presence of MC Sher who is actually the mentor makes the movie a powerful movie. The character is so strong that at times he is admired more than the lead role. The way his character pumps the lead role to come out fiercely with whatever is there in his creations is really worth a watch. Every single word he says to Murad is worth listening to and truly inspiring. More than that, there is a time in the movie when the mentor fails in a contest and the protagonist wins. In that situation, this guy shows so much of grace in accepting his failure and encourages his friend like a true mentor. Praiseworthy indeed!

At many places, we expect a clash between MC Sher and Murad but to our sweet surprise, this mentor, who has been portrayed as a friend, maintains the respect and grace of being a mentor. I personally loved this character.

The conversation between Murad and his father

Murad’s father is not supportive of his dreams. There is a beautiful sequence when Murad’s father tries to explain to him their worth (Aukaat). The lead role gives back to his father and his dialogues are just outstanding. They are as simple as a normal conversation but carry so much of weight that it gives the audience goosebumps. One must listen to this small but truly effective conversation.

Friend Moin Bhai

He is Murad’s friend and is like an elder brother to him. The bond between the two friends is outstanding. They fight wild, they argue wild but they bond wild. There is a different level of trust between them which really makes the audience aspiring to have a friend like Moin Bhai.

The chemistry between Murad and Safina

Alia and Ranveer makes a beautiful couple and the chemistry they share is just beautiful. They carry a lot of charm and a blissful relationship. Due to a small squabble between them, there is a sequence where Murad tells his friend that living without Safina is like living the life of a man without his childhood. This small metaphor and many more such small dialogues between them showcase their beautiful bond. Safina, when is with Murad, is a mushy girlfriend but when with the world, she is totally indomitable which makes her character truly interesting.


The song which is the cardinal song of the movie is so overwhelming that you feel being a part of his performance. The lyrics are solid and worth listening to. Murad’s body language is marvellous and electrifying.

Lyrics of all the rap songs by Murad and MC Sher

First time in my life, I loved hearing rap music because of the lyrics. They are so strong yet effortless. The thought of the song goes down with everybody’s mind and touches the soul. Worth listening to!

Ranveer Singh as Murad

Last but not the least, it is Ranveer Singh as Murad. He has again proved his mettle and is definitely the apt choice for playing this role. Better to go and watch him on the screen as no words can do justice for his work.

An amazing movie to watch. Super hit is my verdict!


Image source: The Pioneer

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