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From A Beautiful Wife To A Not-So-Handsome Husband “I Love You, Not Your Looks!”

A beautiful woman has a husband she loves, who is not very good looking. How does his inferiority complex poison their relationship?

A beautiful woman has a husband she loves, who is not very good looking. How does his inferiority complex poison their relationship? 

Dear Husband,

I have always thought of you as being a supporter to me in my endeavours. My better half, who would understand me in every phase of life. Whenever things were difficult, you would be there to lighten them up. When we were best friends, I used to think that this guy won’t let me down, ever! And that “qubool hai” moment was the best time of my life!

But my “beauty” somehow forced the clock to move in reverse order. It became a hindrance for our bond to become stronger. While I’m very proud of my looks, and cannot become a “Gandhaari” of this age, I also have never thought of you as “lacking” in any area.

I would break down and cry at times, when you didn’t come to my office parties. I felt that I have I failed to make you realize that you are my greatest asset, not your looks. I felt my beauty was worsening the situation. But then I realised that it was actually your inferiority complex about yourself.

When you constantly reminded me of the persons who would have been a better choice for me, it broke my heart. It was you who I desired, not “someone handsome”. I agree that your intentions weren’t wrong. But Mr. Quirashi was not the person who arrived at 2 in the morning to take me to hospital.

I do not want to say things like “You are very handsome!” just to make you feel better on that point; I also don’t see how that will be of any help. Beauty does not get you anything – and the best example is me, isn’t it? I am appreciated for my looks, and still the person whom I want in my life is mentally so far away from me!

Should I stop going out? Or should I stop wearing those fancy clothes that add fuel to the fire in your mind that creates this indifference you show me? After all, I had sworn to hold you close in unfavourable situations too. The “Gandhaari” inside me has started spreading her arms around me now. But will you be happy seeing me like that? Or would you want me to become a modern age “Gandhaari” who will become your eyes?

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Can your love for me overpower your inferiority complex?

Can we find a solution?

Your loving wife 

Image source: a still from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

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