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Inspirations Are Everywhere

The author narrates an incident which made her realize that the world is full of inspiring people. All you need is to learn from these small acts of kindness.

The author narrates an incident which made her realize that the world is full of inspiring people. All you need is to learn from these small acts of kindness.

This happened way back in 2014, in the month of March, when I was suffering from cold and cough and getting up in the morning was getting really hard. But, since I had some interviews lined up, I had no choice but to go. Stepping out of my home towards my car, I found my car with a flat tyre. Without wasting another couple of minutes on getting that fixed, I immediately booked a cab. While waiting for the cab, I received a call from the cab driver informing me about his inability to reach my place because of the dense traffic he was stuck in. It was a peak hour so getting another cab was even more difficult, so I finally took an auto. The day already had a slow start so I didn’t want that to go any further and didn’t want the candidates to wait for long.

On the way to my office, there is a flyover and we were about to get on to that flyover, when I noticed a cycle rickshaw loaded with heavy iron rods being pulled manually by a lean looking man. The man was badly sweating and panting while stepping slowly. It was a herculean task for anyone to pedal that heavily loaded rickshaw over the flyover. The moment these thoughts were crossing my mind, I felt a sudden slowness in the speed of our auto. The auto driver indicated his left hand and slowly took his auto to the left side of the road. I couldn’t realize why he was moving towards his left suddenly. (May be because he suspected some problem in his tyre too).

I thought, “Another reason for getting late at work.” But, to my surprise, I observed the auto driver took out his left leg out of his auto, placed his foot on the rickshaw and accelerated his auto. There was an automatic reaction to that and the rickshaw puller started pedaling fast and it was amazing to see that in not more than two minutes he could pedal to the top of the flyover. Once he reached the top, the auto driver took off his foot. There was no further acceleration required as it would descend on its own speed from the flyover.

The rickshaw puller raised his hand to convey his gratitude to the auto driver and that’s the end of the story.

I was witnessing the most beautiful act of the world, the act of humanity, the act of unconditional support, the act where there was no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste and creed. It was a blessing to be able to witness this small incident where there was nothing said and nothing expected in return.

I smiled and felt proud of the auto driver. I couldn’t stop myself from complimenting him for being good and inspiring.

Though I was a little late to office but, I had completely forgotten my problem. The day went smoothly and I could figure out so many things which I had learnt from this small incident.

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  1. Giving is such a bliss (I could imagine the celestial feeling the auto driver would have achieved after offering his help. It might be one of his normal gestures but, for me it was an eye opener).
  2. There is nothing bigger than humanity. It takes you away from all boundaries and all bitterness.
  3. “Keep moving” is the mantra of life and God certainly sends some of his representatives to help you reach your destination.
  4. Its so nice to give what best you are capable of. You never know that a small gesture of yours turns out to be a miracle for someone.
  5. There is no dearth of inspirations in the world. You don’t have to wait or plan for the great achievers to inspire you. Its an ongoing process.

From that day on, I started observing every single thing which I see, hear, read and feel, which makes me think good, feel happy and become positive. I observe every little thing which help me become more compassionate and which inspire me to make small positive changes and become a better person. Inspirations are in abundance, it just requires an open mind which welcomes new learning experience and willingness to appreciate.

Image Source: Unsplash

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