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Soul Searching

Posted: December 14, 2018

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“Of my broken mind, lies an oasis, still so fresh of innocence and full of bold, brave and forgotten dreams”


Tik. Tik. Tok.

Time is wasting,

The clock stares at me

And continues to tick


I am frozen in place.


It is in my fingers,

The last of my painted dreams,

Dry, peeling

Lusty colors have faded

To dull and drab.

I am still waiting on nothing.



Show me back

The reflections of my hopelessness,

And my eyes laugh at me.

A coward, I have become,

Wandering, a ghost of nothing,

I am so aimlessly lost.


A morning bloomed

Waking me up,

And I know what I have to do,

Pick up, brushes after brushes

Thawing myself from this place.

I am trying, trying.


Far from the deserts

Of my broken mind,

Lies an oasis,

Still so fresh of innocence

And full of bold, brave and

Forgotten dreams.


I am trying to find-

My way back.


Image Source: Pexels

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