Jyothika’s ‘Katrin Mozhi’ Is A Must Watch For Women

Posted: December 1, 2018

Katrin Mozhi is a delightful movie which has a strong female character who will stay with you long after you have watched the film.

In ‘Katrin Mozhi’ , Jyothika plays Vijayalakshmi, a middle class housewife doing a late night talk show in a radio channel. Her decision to work has adverse effects on her family but, how she manages to balance both family and career forms the story of the film.

In the mornings, after the residents of the big residential apartment complex leave for their busy everyday jobs, she sits in her balcony and chats with the pigeons that flutter there every morning. She’s so talkative and conversational that she doesn’t  even spare a bird from her banter.  So, it doesn’t come as a surprise, when we see her landing the job of a radio jockey.

Kaatrin Mozhi revolves around Vijayalakshmi, who’s a homemaker battling many conflicts. Her father repeatedly belittles her for having flunked her Class XII exams. Her sisters keep putting her down. However, she is, admittedly, happy in her own world comprising her husband and son. But, she wishes to go that extra mile by doing something more. Is she able to do that when she accidentally lands the job of a night radio jockey?

The delicate balance that every woman needs – embracing the world outside with the same warmth which she exudes at home – is the very essence of Kaatrin Mozhi.

For those who’ve not seen Tumhari Sulu, Kaatrin Mozhi will be a breezy watch to take home a memorable woman character- an enthusiastic housewife whose mantra is “Ennaala mudiyum.” (I can do it).

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