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4 Important Steps To Raise Well-Rounded Kids

The author enumerates some important traits that parents ought to inculcate in children so as to make them well-rounded and responsible individuals.

The author enumerates some important traits that parents ought to inculcate in children so as to make them well-rounded and responsible individuals.

In India, every year on the 14th November the birthday of Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru is being celebrated as ‘CHILDREN’S DAY’.

As parents, this children’s day,  let us pledge to make our children well. Nourish them with moral values and ethics. Make civic sense as a part of their character. Build patience and sustenance. Impart them the essence of education and help them realize it, because as swami Vivekananda said,

“Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in man.” If we are successful in doing so, the results are going to last forever and bring harmony and peace abundantly. As value systems are genetic, the next generation will be prosperous and healthy in every way.


To start with, preach what you teach, from reading to other activities at home, speak about what you can do and share the experiences with them. To imbibe the value of reading, don’t ever insist reading to just score marks or reading only school books or academic related books. Encourage reading books in which they are interested. It should be as simple as that. Never force them into any activity. Storybooks with morals are the best deal. Ask them to carry the book where ever they go, when they feel to read, they can, either in the park or on a pool side. Reading books not only help to gain knowledge and wisdom but also stands as a guiding force in all the phases of life.


Make sure to allot them play time,  even though they have a lot of home work or extra classes to attend. Never allow them to skip playing. If the schedule is hectic, ask them to play small indoor games. Join them if your time permits.  It keeps them engaged, if they are bored, it will relax them if they are tired, it will definitely rejuvenate them after a hard day. If games are introduced from a younger age, it builds stamina and good physical strength, provides good blood circulation, there by boosting energy levels.


Groom children to be clean and neat at all times. Be it at home or at school, ask them to behave properly. Few behavioural traits need to be inculcated carefully at an earlier stage itself as they would be helpful for them in their future endeavours. Never point out their mistakes or ill behaviour before others, but never forget to deal with the matter at the earliest. Introduce them to the concept of respect.


This is the most crucial aspect, that needs to be developed in children. Make them express their ideas, likes, dislikes and fear openly. Encourage them to share their daily experiences or discuss with them about the day. Practice on writing journals. Allow them to mingle with others and  encourage them to make friends so that are aware of different opinions.

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Lastly,  tell them- ‘Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none’. Parents need to impart this advice to children and create and make them better and well-rounded individuals.

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