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Women, Wear Your Crowns And Rule The World

An uplifting post which tells women to never let go of their invisible crown and be a fighter.

An uplifting post which tells women to never let go of their invisible crown and be a fighter.


Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like a king
Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played’

A beautiful quote to start with and share with all, isn’t it? A crown most often resembles royalty but it also depicts strength, courage, and respect.You are already a complete package with all these qualities imbibed in you. You are a powerful, resourceful, intelligent and a wise woman, worthy of admiration.

You may have past hurts, scars and bruises. But, don’t let these marks reflect on your present. If someone has stolen your crown, don’t pause and ponder. You can’t expect others to fetch it for you and decorate on your top. Go, get up on your feet, pull up your socks and run fiercely without looking back. Run until you steal it back. Just look out for the invisible crown, nail it on your head and let its root grow deep within your heart.

I know, there are days when darkness envelopes you. There are times when you feel dejected, inadequate, unloved and unworthy. Believe me. It will pass on. Don’t let these feelings form a grapevine within you. Just remember this is your empire and you are the Queen. So, hey Queen, Straighten your crown, take charge! Move forward. Expand your empire. Empower your people.

You are already a fighter. Be a survivor. Be the torchbearer. Let’s acknowledge the other Queens out there and fix each other’s crowns. With a crown embedded with a little confidence, you can change the whole world. So, never ever forget to wear your crown. Will you?


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