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Dream Or A Distant Reality..

A futuristic story which depicts an ideal world where women would truly be able to 'have it all'.

A futuristic story which depicts an ideal world where women would truly be able to ‘have it all’.

10th August, 2048

As usual, the alarm went off at 5.45 am. Neha got up with sleepy eyes and went to the kitchen. She prepared breakfast for her son and husband and then woke up the child. “Please mumma, just a few minutes more.”

“No Rohan, we are getting late for school, hurry up brush your teeth, and make sure you brush the side ones too.” She got Rohan ready and then went to take bath. Meanwhile, Sudhir, her husband prepared tea and packed their tiffins. After this, he went to take bath and then all three of them had breakfast together.

They both dropped Rohan at his school, kissed him goodbye and then headed off to their office in the next building. At lunchtime again they all sat together in the benches in the garden where Rohan narrated everything that happened in first half at his school. All the other kids around were narrating the same to their parents. Rohan’s school finished at 3 pm after which he attended the Art Class and played with his friends as the school also provided after-school services. At about 6 pm they all headed home together.

Both Neha and Sudhir worked for the same company. They had two campuses – Home Campus and Work Campus. Home campus had all Apartments, Gym, Club, Play area, Garden etc. The Work Campus had Offices, Library, Canteen, a preschool for kids between 6 months – 3 years and a Formal school for children up to 17 years (12th standard). The employees could take 3 breaks in a day to check on their children. They could also have lunch in the designated area in the garden that had benches all around with their child. They could either bring lunch from home or order it from the Canteen.

Neha was very happy today. She had been promoted to the post of Project Manager. She had been working hard for this position since she joined this company 5 years back. When she shared this news with her mother, she couldn’t control her tears. She was very happy on her daughter’s success.

“You know what Ma, I am what I am today because of you. You always encouraged me to chase my dreams.”

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“Yes beta, its very important to achieve what you have set your eyes upon.”

“Then why didn’t you ever pursue your job, Ma ? You were so good at it”.

“How many times have I told you, in those days, we didn’t have such good facilities. I didn’t know of any good school near my office. Who would have taken care of you?”

“But wasn’t there a rule to have a preschool within 1 km of office premises?”

“Yes, and there was a preschool too. But my work started at 7 am and the preschool didn’t open until 9am. Besides, although it was within 1 km, it could be reached after crossing the main road. The school didn’t provide any escort services as well. You were only 1.5 years old. Where would I have kept you in the morning for 2 hours?”

“That doesn’t make sense. If employees are asked to work in 24×7 shifts, there should be provision to take care of their kids 24×7 too. But then you should have taken a house near your office.”

“The salary that my employer paid wasn’t enough to get a house in that posh area.”

“Of course. But I don’t understand how did employers back then expected you to work by giving up your family responsibilities. Didn’t they know a happy employee makes an efficient employee?”

“Haha, I really wish they were as smart as you to understand this. But India was not a superpower then and we were required to work 24×7 for US and Europe clients.”

“But then why didn’t people think of the campus setup earlier.”

“Well, that’s how it was 30 years ago. But I am glad at least now there are such good provisions given by the employers that talented women like you can get ahead in their career without compromising on family. I feel so happy when you and Sudhir do so well in office and also spend quality time with Rohan as both are very important. Parenting is not easy as well. ”

“ I am so sorry Ma, you had to sacrifice your career because of me. I am sure you would have reached heights. Sometimes I think I have got all my talents from you.”

“No beta, I didn’t sacrifice my career. I chose YOU over my career. I wish I could have kept both. Besides it was my employer who sacrificed a good Project Manager.”


Image Source: Ribbon Movie YouTube

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