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Book Review : New York Times Bestseller ‘The Five Love Languages’ By Gary Chapman

The book 'The Five Love Languages' by Gary Chapman is a must read for couples as it offers valuable relationship advice. Read the review here.


The book ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman is a must read for couples as it offers valuable relationship advice. Read the review here.

The first chapter itself is titled “What happens to love after the wedding ?” Author Gary Chapman, in this book, has propagated that there may be number of languages used to communicate with people, but to express love to your spouse or loved one, you should learn and speak the love language of your spouse. That’s the key to a long lasting and loving marriage.

Not only to your spouse but this theory applies to your children and all your loved ones.  There is an ‘emotional tank’ in each child waiting to be filled in with love. You fill it with your warm hugs, cozy talks, affection and care. And in return you achieve the satisfaction and happiness of upbringing a normal and happy child. But what happens when the love tank is empty ? Could you care to fill this love tank in your husband too?

I will elucidate the five love languages described in the book, as crisply as possible:

# Love Language 1 – Words of affirmation – It is the first and the most widely accepted love language. Use kind and encouraging words with your spouse to communicate love verbally to your spouse.  Mind the undertones also.

“If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then surely a compliment a day will keep the counselor away.”

# Love Language 2 – Quality time – Quality time is the undivided attention which you need to provide to your spouse. Sitting on a couch, hand in hand, watching Netflix is surely not spending quality time. Quality time is when only and only you two are involved directly in talking by walking and spending time with each other.

# Love Language 3 – Receiving gifts – Wait, don’t think of preparing a list of gifts you wish to receive from your spouse. Do not attach monetary value to the gift when you receive it but accept it as the token of love . Aren’t we teaching this to our kids  so then why not us?

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# Love Language 4 – Acts of Service – Some couples do things they know their spouse would love them to do. These acts of service can be anything from making beds, managing kids, cleaning house, washing dishes and even cooking a meal. These little acts support the otherwise rocking marriage.

# Love Language 5 – Physical touch – The physical touch is another important aspect. According to author Gary Chapman if your spouse’s love language is physical touch then you need to understand it. A bear hug to a child is always welcomed by him but to a physically motivated and a demanding child, a bear hug may mean more than anything.

I would definitely recommend this book to those couples whose marriage is not sailing smoothly. It has some real life examples of mistakes we commit just by using wrong words and undertones while speaking. You will definitely relate to one of the love languages.

Discover your love language and help others too to know it.

Book : The five Love Languages

Author : Gary Chapman

Pages : 203

Image Source: Amazon

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