Are You Happy?

Posted: November 23, 2018

The author writes that it is absolutely fine to accept your weaknesses instead of putting on a fake smile and following the crowd.

Joining the dots, I’ve come to realize that none of us is truly happy. We are constantly trying to conceal our sorrows by faking false happiness just to look presentable and complete in front of the same people who are putting on the same make-up of falsehood.

Our happiness is incomplete without faking smiles because nothing seems real anymore.

We are all using someone as a band-aid to hide our wounds or maybe something to make it appear less of a wound and more of an adventure, so as to save ourselves from the emotional trauma because we do not want to remind ourselves that our heart has scarred not because of the adventurous activities but because of deadly experiences which we encountered, and do not want to remember anymore.

We make ourselves look joyful by posting ‘happy’ pictures unabashedly on social media which hide the truth pretty well, while, deep inside we are all craving for some kind of comfort but are scared to wear our heart on our sleeves. We will hangout with a bunch of people who do not take out time to understand us just because it has become a trend to have a group. If you’re quietly sipping your coffee in a coffee shop without having anyone sitting across you, you will be marked as a loner and so you start to hide away your real self just to invite some temporary happiness in your life.

In today’s world, if you have even a bit of genuineness left inside of you, you will try to question the crowd. People will try to bring you down by hitting on your weaknesses but, you have to be willing to face your fears and remind them that your tears won’t make you any less of a person. It is okay to stay raw and accept that you are not okay because too many of us has already lost our real identity, trying to find comfort in the same crowd which is somehow making us even weaker than we already are.

Image Source: Pexels

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